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80/20 Golden Rule Of Results | RIPPEDCLUB

80/20 Golden Rule Of Results

Aaaaaaaaaah, the 80/20 golden rule of results. You had to know this was coming because I talk about it all the time.

And you know in a previous life I used to spend hours upon hours, upon hours in the gym lifting weights and wearing cool spaghetti strap tank tops trying to look better than the rest of the dudes in the gym.

But I was not seeing much in the way of results.

I know some of you probably been there as well spending a lot of time in the gym and not seeing the results.


What did I do?

Well I wised up and finally figured it out – I needed to stay home and do my fitness – that simple right???

You have heard me talk about this on our call with Coach Wayne, but I did P90X seven times and I failed seven times over the past five years.

That was very discouraging and depressing.

But something clicked.

I got a coach. I got into a group.  Got some accountability; and I got the results!

Now here’s how the 80/20 golden rule of results comes in to play

80% of you results comes from your nutrition and 20% from your workouts.

Now does this mean you shouldn’t focus and push hard during your workouts?

NO! You need to give both nutrition and exercise 100% of your efforts, but the simple fact is that 80% of your results come from the kitchen, so your FOCUS needs to be heavily weighted toward it.

So what I wanted to do today was provide you a step by step process where you can get your nutrition in order and makes sense of this golden rule that gets you the best results possible. So let’s start that right now!


The Step-By-Step

  1. Calculate your calorie intake needs to meet your goals.
  2. Learn how to plan your nutrition
  3. Create a meal plan that fits your nutrition goals – Here is My 1900 Calorie Diet along with my Round-1 Nutrition must-do’s.
  4. Track your nutrition!!! Learn why tracking your nutrition is so important.
  5. Click here to see how I use myfitnesspal.com with the P90X Nutriton Plan.
  6. Be sure you do your research in the nutrition category of rippedclub.net for additional info!


Are you a good student or not?

Now if you follow exactly what I have laid out for you here, then it will be almost impossible for you to not get the best results you have ever gotton in your life!

But its up to you to decide if you are going to be teachable or not…

I have provided you with some of the most valuable information I have – Information that helped me lose almost 60lbs and got me ripped!

People come to me all the time wondering why they arent seeing results and when I ask if they have taken any of these steps, can you guess what their answer is???

YOU are the one who decides how bad you want it!

YOU are the one who determines whether or not you reach your goal!

YOU are the only reason that you will fail!

YOU have the tools for success, now use them!!!

I am here 100%, backing you up to help you make the most of these tool through motivation, advice, and tips –

So you have NO EXCUSE to not succeed.

We even have our RIPPEDCLUB Challenge Groups that you can join to ensure an even higher level of success and results.

I highly recommend you take a look at joining our next group, but spots are limited and they fill quickly so be sure you check it out now before the next group fills up!

=> Learn more about Joining A Challenge Group Here <=


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Lastly, is it okay to improvise what to cook at the time or should I take time the day before to plan it out. And can you provide the equivalent substitute options for each of the following? -Results and Recovery Formula -E&E Preworkout Drink (what does E&E stand for?) -Shakeology The reason I ask, is because I'm unable to purchase these products from beachbody. Where did you buy the Pure Protein High Protein Chocolate Deluxe Bars? Thanks in advance


Hey Coach Todd, I was wondering if you would answer some questions for me. Brief Bio: I'm 16yrs old, weigh 180lbs, height's 5ft 11inches and have a 35inch waistline. I bought P90X in the hopes of getting a ripped sixpack over summer. So what I wanted to ask you is: 1. I calculated that to remain at my current weight, its 2760 calories. What's an Ideal caloric deficit in order to lose weight fast/effectively and whats a realistic rate of weightloss I should expect per week while it takes place somewhat quickly? 2. Your 50-30-20 rule for proteins, carbs, and fats makes sense but how many calories of veggies, fruits, dairy and snacks should I eat? Also, what would you recommend as a snack? 3. The nutrition guide says that we should also include 2 servings of about 50 calories each for condiments. Is adding condiments really all that necessary? Can you also help me decode a sampler? 1 (33grams) serving of cereal for example: 120 calories 28grams of carbs 2grams of protein 19grams other carbs 1gram fat .5grams polyunsaturated fat Or a serving of Chicken Breast Meat 120 calories 0grams carbs 2grams Fat 26grams Protein How should I approach this, dividing up the calories and figuring this out? If you can also provide any insight on achieving a ripped sixpack, it would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Witt
Jeff Witt

I am on week 7 of P90X and have been having lots of trouble hitting my numbers. I read your links above and saw that you suggested logging my food the day before on myfitnesspal. I never thought of that and it is a great idea. Thank you very much for that suggestion.


So true, it took me three rounds to figure it out.