Starting Over Today?

do overOne of the things that I have noticed trending here on is that the amount of visitors to the site almost triples on Mondays compared to Friday and Saturday…

I could ask you why that is, but you know just as well as I do why that is, lol.

Coming up here in about 2 weeks will be my 3 year anniversary since starting my fitness journey where I lost 60lbs and FINALLY got the results I wanted.

Prior to December 1oth, of 2010, over the course of six years I attempted and failed completing a full 90 day round of P90X 7 different times (talk about discouraging!)

It never failed that after week 3 or week 4, I would lose motivation, go back to my old eating habits (not that I changed much anyway). And I was right back where I started if not worse off and the P90X dvds were back on the shelf collecting dust.

Today – MONDAY. Let me ask you … and be honest here. How many times have you found yourself sitting at your computer on a Sunday night looking up results videos to try and get motivated again?

How many times have you told yourself, “Monday I’m gunna do this RIGHT this time!” …Only to find yourself in the exact same position 2-3 weeks later?

I have been down that road more times than I would like to admit (but I already did, lol) and by the time you read through to the end of this post … you might actually understand the solution.

…some do…some dont.


So how do you STOP the cycle?

I am not going to tell you what you NEED to do, but I am going to share what’s been working for my team!

Back on September 30th, I started something called a RIPPEDCLUB BLITZ CHALLENGE. 30 days of laser focus on your goals along with daily challenges that show you EXACTLY how to get the best results possible.

Like I said…I will let our members share their experience. These comments were on day-24 of our challenge:

You can do ANY Beachbody program in this challenge and the commitment is only for 30 days and the challenge begins on Monday, December 2nd

I am going to include a 5 day diet plan for everyone to follow in week-1 that my buddy Armando lost 11.4lbs following!
And I am going to walk with you 1-on-1, providing you with DAILY challenges that will help you build the momentum needed in those first 30 days of your program so that you can FINISH strong!
…and when I say “momentum”…I am talking about serious results in just 30 days!

No need to buy anything…if you already have a Beachbody fitness program and you want to do that, then you’re set! If you want to try something new, let me know and we cant chat and find out what program best fits your style and goals! P90X, Insanity, T25, X2, Body Beast, TurboFire, Yoga Booty Ballet…It doesnt matter what program! If you want in, be sure to email me back RIGHT NOW to reserve your spot!

This group WILL fill quickly, so email me back ASAP at

Lock arms with me and let December 2nd be the LAST Monday you have to start over!
You can do this!
Coach Todd
PS: Here is some motivation 🙂


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