I Dont Have Time

“I dont have time” is one of the most used excuses in the book for not making the healthy lifestyle changes that are necessary to keep people in great shape. Here are some of my favorite “I dont have time” excuses:

I dont have time to workout

I dont have time to cook healthy foods

I dont have time. I work too much

I dont have time. I am just way too busy

I dont have time. I have little kids, so thats not really possible

I dont have time with school

Any of these sound familiar. Haha, they are very familiar for me…I used all of them, lol! What it really comes down to though is a matter of priorities. We all have our priorities and the sad part is that most of Americans do not prioritize their health. When you look at someones day-to-day, you will notice very quickly what a persons priorities are. If a person prioritizes family, maybe that person focuses as much time as possible on their family when its available. If a person prioritizes socializing, then you might see them at the club 3-4 times per week. If a person prioritizes education, they you might see them with their face in a book constantly. If a person prioritizes television, you might see them in front of one for 3-4 hours per night. My point here is that no matter what your situation in life, there is always room to prioritize your health and toss the excuse of “I dont have time”.

To start off lets take a look at my schedule BEFORE I started P90X. I woke up at 7:00, got myself and the kids ready to go and out the door at 8:00am. Work is from 8:30-5:30. Come home and focus on the kids while my wife makes dinner. Then its bath time, story time, bed time, dishes time, laundry time, and TV time until about 11:00 or 11:30pm. I am a very busy guy, but just like many of you have done or need to do, I adjusted my schedule in order to prioritize my health and fitness.

Here is what my schedule looks like now. Wake up at 4:30am. Read my bible for 30 minutes. 5:00-6:30am is workout time. Get myself and the kids fed and ready to go out the door by 8:00am. Work is from 8:30-5:30. Go home and play with the kids until dinner is ready. Bath time, story time, bed time for the kids. Dishes, laundry and NO TV. Its my bedtime at 9:30 so that I can wake up at 4:30 and do it all over again!

If you noticed, I stopped watching TV!!! The average American home has the TV turned on for 6 hours and 47 minutes per day. I know there are people who watch a lot of TV, but dang! I was watching about 2 hours of TV per night and I know people personally who watch more. This simple task of not turning on the TV can change your entire life! You can get a lot done in 2 hours! I choose that time to sleep so that I can wake up and do my workouts before my family is awake. This way I dont take any time away from them either.

I have also heard a lot of people talk about how they cant workout everyday because of school. I doubt it… You guys have seen him in our facebook group! Mirllan Quintero is an absolute beast and doesnt let any excuse keep him from his goal. Here is what he posted just yesterday, “Today wraps up my 2nd month of P90X. Its been a tough month of dieting because of finals and schoolwork. Mainly missed lots of meals but never ate extra, cheated, nor skipped a workout. Ready for a stress free final month!! Talk about dedication! This guy is in the medical field as well, so you know that there is some intensive criteria! But he didnt take the easy road that many would have and say, “Well, finals are comin up…I just dont have time.” No! Mirllan got it done! He knows that prioritizing his health and fitness has its reward and he dropped the excuse!

There are a lot more example that could be spoken of, but like I said before gang, it comes down to priorities. If you value your health and fitness, then you will prioritize it. You will adjust whatever needs adjusted so that you can do what needs done. So turn off the TV, turn of the Xbox 360 and PS3, go to bed earlier, dont hit the club every night, and make your health one of your top priorities. When you are 60 years old and keepin up with all the aching jointed 40 year olds, you arent going to be wishing that you hadnt made your health a priority. This is long term life changing stuff here. It worth your efforts and its worth your time! SO MAKE TIME!


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