Your Resolutions Suck

new years resolutions suckMost people think that their New Year’s resolutions are pretty solid in terms of their ability to reach those goals – but I am going to go against the grain here and tell you that unless you have this ONE CERTAIN THING figured out…you have no chance whatsoever of reaching that goal – and unless you have this thing…your New Year’s resolution sucks!

What the crap Coach Todd?

Ya I know – I’m a jerk right! I am not here to tear down your dreams or make you feel like you cant actually achieve what you set out to accomplish, but I do want to share a reality with you that will make or break your resolution this year.

I have been coaching now for 2-1/2 years. I have seen many succeed, but I have seen even more people fail. And I know exactly why these people fail, because its the exact reason that I failed P90X 7 times over a span of 5 years. We all had the exact same thing in common.

You Fail Because You Lack a WHY!

Goals are great…but unless you have a “why” to back up your goal, its simply a foolish thought. It will have no substance and no drive behind it… Here is a video I made on “why goals dont work” where I go more in depth on what your WHY needs to be.



What to Do With Your WHY

Its all great to have a WHY, but its another thing to be driven by it. Here are some things that I do to make sure that I am driven daily to succeed using my “why”.

  1. Write out your “why” with a pen and paper and read it out loud to yourself every single morning when you wake up and again before you go to sleep.
  2. Get a goal board (dry erase boards are great) and post pictures of your “why”, write it out on the board. The point is to see it daily and be reminded of it constantly.
  3. Tell someone else about your goal and WHY you want to achieve it. Ask that person(s) to hold you accountable to it on a daily or weekly basis.
  4. Make it public. Post your WHY on facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram! If people know about it, you dont want to have to explain why you failed.
  5. Set up a reward for achieving your ultimate goal. It will add more drive to your reason “why” knowing that you will be rewarded at the end. Maybe some sort of vacation or an exciting trip/event with your family.

The whole point of having a WHY is to keep you going!

motivational-quotes-Conquering-any-difficulty-QUOTESLet me go ahead and say that again… The whole point of having a WHY is to keep you going! Pressing play everyday is not easy…Planning your nutrition everyday to hit your macros precisely is not easy. If you follow these recommendations and keep your WHY in perspective, you have a 1-billion percent chance higher of succeeding and achieving your goal. (Yes, I hired a team of skilled scientists to calculate the chances of your success if you follow my suggestions above…1-billion percent…its a scientific fact) I hope the video above and my suggestions on keeping your “why” in perspective have helped you. I am not going to tell you that your journey will be easy, but I will say that your journey will be more successful when you have a “why” that has some substance. What’s YOUR “why”??? Post below in the comments and make it public! And if you need the added accountability or some 1-on-1 coaching from someone who has been in your shoes…be sure to make me your free coach and we can get started!

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