P90X Motivation – 4 Rounds Of Ammo To Fight Against The Odds

P90X Motivation

p90x motivation

push PLAY Gomer Pile!

Retaining your P90X motivation is going to be one of the greatest difficulties in your journey. This article is going to focus on the things that slaughter motivation and give you some ammo to fight back with!

Believe me, I know what its like to struggle with motivation. If you have read my story then you know that I attempted P90X on 7 different occasions and failed miserably. And my story is probably similar to yours except I hold the world record for number of times failing P90X, lol.

But you know how it goes…come week 3, week 6, you get sick and you’re out for a week. You have some event that takes you away from your daily routine and you skip 3 or 4 workouts while you are out of town. You make small nutritional compromises and end up giving in altogether and going back to your old ways. Like I said…I know what its like to struggle with motivation when doing a program like P90X.

4 Rounds Of P90X Motivation Ammo

So let’s take a look at what you can do to prevent another incomplete round of P90X.

Getting Sick

This was the reason I failed P90X about 3 or 4 times of the 7 total attempts I had made at completing P90X. You get into it and you start developing some momentum and BAM…You get knocked out with a Nazi-style head cold! There is a general rule that I use to try and keep sickness from slowing down my P90X motivation.

Here is the rule: Above the shoulders, push PLAY – Below the shoulders, REST. Most of the time you can workout at half intensity with just a head cold (actually it makes me feel better in most cases), but when you start getting into the respiratory stuff below the shoulders – you need to rest and heal before pushing play so that you don’t exacerbate the issue.

Whether you push play or not though, you should always focus on your nutrition! If you focus on hitting your macros that you calculated for your P90X nutrition every single day, you are far less likely to lose motivation when you can finally get back into your workouts. But I just like to avoid the sickness thing altogether, lol. Since I started drinking Shakeology 16 months ago – I have not been sick…Its my voodoo shake.

Missing A Workout

But what if you miss a workout for some reason or what if you miss a few weeks??? You get sick, or some circumstance doesn’t allow you to push play. This one got me too! Do you start over, pick up where you left off, or just quit? I quit sadly all those years ago.

This is a decision that is completely up to you though. A lot of people want to be able to say that they did all 90 days without missing a single day. That all fine and good, but its not always realistic. In order to keep your motivation up, you just have to do what works for you! Maybe that’s starting over on day-1, or maybe its picking up where you left off. You just have to do what fits in order to retain your P90X motivation.

Nutritional Disasters

This one is tough! When starting out P90X, it’s a very delicate situation. Let me explain why. Most likely it has been some time since you have actually focused on your nutrition, or maybe you never have. Now you change the game and try to ignore all those old habits that have taken decades to create. Often times you end up cheating on your nutrition which and for me, it was a motivational slaughter house…You think to yourself, “how could I screw this up again” and you just give up…

My best piece of advice is this: “If you fail to plan, then plan on failing”

Nutrition is 80% of your results so its appropriate that you put a great deal of effort into it. That is why I developed the Nutrition Zone that walks you step-by-step through how to set up and plan out your nutrition for success.


Its weird, but people can actually be a huge roadblock to your P90X motivation. When you commit to making a healthy change in your life, almost everyone around you that ISN’T committed is convicted by your dedication and will do everything they can to bring you down to their level to justify their unhealthy habits and quiet the conviction.

The best thing you can do is recognize the fact that your commitment WILL stir the pot and arouse some indifference and tension in your relationships. Show those people some grace, don’t be pushy with your healthy lifestyle – just be an example and let people know WHY you are doing what you are doing (when they ask you why).


Hopefully you can relate to these P90X motivation obstacles. These were what caused me to trip up and fail 7 times. Take this info, make application and I guarantee you will increase your odds of finally completing a round of P90X.

Be sure you “like” this post if you have ever struggled with motivation during P90X. That will show people that they aren’t the only ones out there who have failed.

One thing I used to boost my P90X motivation was watching transformation videos. Here is my original transformation


Leave your P90X Motivation comments below and let us know what keeps you motivated to do what it takes to get the results you want!


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Hi Todd,

I have completed my first round of P90X and just started round 2.  There is one roadblock that I found personally and was not mentioned. -BOREDOM-  I found that the dialogue was so predictable over time that I grew irritated and would workout with cues only.  

Having read that you have experienced many rounds, failed or completed, have you experienced a similar experience, and if so how did you deal with it?

I would also like to add that your site and advice has helped me tremendously through my journey of my first round of P90X.  

Thanks you!

TJ English
TJ English

Hi Todd, my name is TJ. Me and my wife are both about to begin our first round of P90X together. We realize that diet and nutrition are VERY important to achieving our desired results. HOWEVER, we are both full time students that travel out of town to go to class twice a week. We are usually there all day, requiring us to eat on campus at least once, sometimes twice, in one day. What would you (or anyone reading this) suggest as far as making sure we're still eating right? Or, I suppose the question would be, what are some quick, easy, HEALTHY meals we could possibly take with us? We REALLY want to stay on track and not be sucked back into old habits of settling for what's being served at the cafeteria. Thank you!


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