ROCKIN Brazil Butt Lift

Now I dont normally shake my bum bum rapido…but I decided to take my fitness and my glutes to a ho…nuva…level with a little Brazil Butt Lift! I actually got the DVD workout set at the request of my wife Molly and she gave it a try and decided it was too much dancing for her. So i fugured…I like to dance! I got dances moves!

and here it is for YOUR entertainment…Me, Coach Todd – Absolutely DOMINATING this Brazil Butt Lift workout! Dont be shy…be sure you watch this whole video and share it with the world! Here is what people on facebook are saying about it:

brazil butt lift men


Coach Todd Demonstrates How Brazil Butt Lift Is DONE!


 Now that you have seen my dances moves…I had to give you the chance to partake 🙂buy brazil butt lift

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