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Think Like The Dark Knight - How To Get Certain Results! | RIPPEDCLUB

Think Like The Dark Knight

This last weekend I went and saw the new Batman movie: Dark Knight Rises.

Two words: Legen – if you are lactose intolerant, stop reading… – DARY! LEGENDARY!

Have you ever sat through a 3 hour movie that FELT like a 3 hour movie?

Your butt hurts and you keep having to switch which cheek you are sitting on. The people next to you have such severe A.D.D. that they end up commentating the remaining 2 hours of the film…You’ve been there right?

This was a completely new experience for me! The 3 hours blew by and for the entire film I was completely engaged! By far one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen.

My top 3:

  1. Gladiator
  2. Saving Private Ryan
  3. Inception

You can argue with those top 3 best movies ever, but you would be wrong, lol.

Then while watching the film I realized that pretty much the entire cast of Inception was in the Dark Knight Rises! No wonder I liked it!


Anyway…What does the Dark Knight have to to with how you train or how you can get better results with your fitness program?


Why You Need To Think Like The Dark Knight

There is a section of the film where Bruce Wayne is trapped in a prison with a broken back trying to rehabilitate himself so that he can escape. The one hope he has of escaping is a suicidal climb up this wall and at a certain point about 2/3 the way up there is a ledge to stand on and a very long jump to the next ledge that leads to a persons freedom. Only one person had ever made the leap and everyone else dies or injures them self trying.

Bruce Wayne – after doing all his pushups, pullups, and situps to get ready for this climb and leap for freedom finally goes for it and fails…Of course he has a rope tied around his waist that prevents the fall to his death – but it does put him out of commission for a while. He actually goes on to attempt this impossible escape 3 more times and fails every single time.

Eventually Bruce Wayne (Batman) does make the climb and leap to his freedom, but what changed that allowed him to succeed?

Bruce Wayne’s mentor who helped rehabilitate him in the prison shared the story of the child who made the leap…And he explains why the child succeeded.

The reason the child made the leap was because the child climbed the wall and made the leap WITHOUT A SAFETY ROPE!



How To Get “Rope Free” Results

If you want to get results and you are actually serious about getting results, then you are going to go all in. There is no question in your mind whether or not you are going to succeed.

You need to come into a program like P90X or Insanity with the mentality that “If I dont succeed, then its certain death!” When you approach your goals with a live or die mentality, you are going to see a complete shift in your actions!

You are going to push harder than you ever have. You are going to make NO EXCUSES when it comes to whether or not you should do your workout. You are going to put 100% of your effort into making sure your nutrition is on target every single day….Everything you do becomes intensified with a sense of urgency and purpose!

The alternative for Bruce Wayne was death…For some of you that same thing might be true unless you get your health in line. For some of you its about how committed you are to doing what you say you want.

You say you want the results, but if I see that rope tied to your waste (excuses and compromises), then you are telling me that you are not really committed to getting free. Your action speak much louder than your words.


Now Its Your Turn…

Have you committed to a mental state that provides no other options than to succeed? Have you seen Dark Knight Rises yet? Tell me what you thought of it! Leave your comments below!

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