Team Beachbody Coach Canada – Now Is Your Chance!

We knew that the Team Beachbody Coach Canada opportunity was coming, but it seems as though that time is closer than you think.

Starting OCTOBER 1ST, 2012 – The Beachbody Coaching Opportunity will now be open to Canada!


I know that many of you on my team are chomping at the bit to become coaches yourself in an effort to help end the trend of obesity in your country! Well now you have the chance to be positioned as a founding Coach in Canada. What that means is that you get prime positioning to build a massive business and expand very quickly!

I have already set up the training to get you started earning the maximum income while helping the most people possible.

Team Beachbody Coach Canada – What I Am Looking For

beachbody coach canadaI am looking for team builders – People who want to build a thriving business founded upon the principle that Zig Ziglar said best, that “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” If you want to join my team as a Team Beachbody Canada Coach, then you have to have this mindset…Helping others get the results they want should be your primary focus. If that is how you approach coaching, then you are going to have massive success! If you want to come at it strictly from a business perspective, you will have success – just not the type of success you had hoped. And that is what sets the Team Beachbody coaching opportunity apart from other MLM companies that only focus on generating wealth. Not that there is anything wrong with generating wealth, but a much more sustainable business plan is one that is focused on the customer, not your income. If you follow the training that I will introduce you to though, then you can count on having both wealth and the satisfaction of helping others.

Team Beachbody Coach Canada – Why Is This So Huge?

There is something that you need to understand about the type of business we are in. One of the wonderful aspects of an MLM (multi-level-marketing) company, is that you not only create an income from your own efforts, but you benefit from the efforts of every person that signs up under you. If you join my team come October 1st, then you will have positioned yourself at the top of the company essentially which gives you the opportunity to create a massive residual income. Most of the founding US coaches with Team Beachbody are now earning 7-figure incomes! Yes that would be $1 million plus per year! Are you starting to see why the Team Beachbody Coach Canada opportunity is so huge? You have a market that is ready and waiting to generate additional income while doing something they love! You have a market that has been waiting for this moment for two years! You have the chance to CREATE a business of your own with residual income. For some people, that means telling their boss “I quit“… For others it means having the ability to stay at home with the kids, pay off debt, make a car payment, save for their kid’s college. The possibilities are there – You just have to be wise enough to see just how big this is and what it means for you and your family!

What Does It Cost To Become A Canada Team Beachbody Coach?

The cost to get started as a Coach is very affordable! Its a $39.95 USD sign-up fee which takes care of the hosting for your websites that Team beachbody creates for you. In addition to that, your sign-up fee covers your business starter kit that gets sent to you. After that, its simply a $15.95 USD monthly fee to maintain your coaching account. The savings far outweigh the cost of becoming a coach though. You actually get 25% off all Beachbody products as a Canada Beachbody Coach. That means that if you have been paying $119.95 for Shakeology, now you will only pay $89.96 as a Coach! You save $30 per month! That alone is worth becoming a coach, just for the discount on your Shakeology! Before I forget…You can get your $39.95 Coach sign-up fee waived if you order a Challenge Pack when signing up as a coach! Click here to learn more about Challenge Packs (Best savings value).

If you want to become Canada Team Beachbody Coach, here is what to do next…


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