Coaching vs. Results

Not There...YET!I get asked all the time from people who are looking at becoming a team beachbody coach, “I want to get started as a coach, but do you think I should sign up BEFORE I have my final results?”

This is actually a great question to ask, but before you watch the entire video below, I want set something straight about coaching…If you are looking to become a coach and your primary goal is to make money, then I would encourage you to look into another business opportunity. Unlike many other network marketing opportunities, Team Beachbody is different… in that, when you focus on the money…you make none! But when you your primary goal and passion is helping others live healthy fulfilling lives…You can become a rock star in this business! So if you have a passion for helping others…Learn more here!



My Personal Reasons for Becoming A Coach BEFORE Getting My Final Results

As I explain in the video above, there were 3 reasons that I became a Team Beachbody Coach before getting my final results. In my opinion, when people sign up as a coach with the intention of helping others, they will have BETTER “final results” than if they had waited to become a coach and here is why:

#1 – Accountability: The moment I signed up as a coach a switch was flipped in my mind. All of a sudden I was accountable to more than just myself and my coach. My intention once I got my final results was to help inspire and lead others, but once I realized the reality of that…I went into beast mode! I pushed harder in my workouts, I did not skip a single workout, my nutrition was dead on (even causing some family tension…). But since I was going to be helping others, I had to be an example! How could I help others, tell them how to get great results if I myself wasnt following that same advice?

So signing up as a coach 2 months BEFORE my final results was the reason I got such phenomenal results! It pushes you to your limits and creates a sense of accountability that someone who is not a coach can never experience…

#2 Discount/Earning Potential: When I signed up as a coach I had fallen in love with P90X, Shakeology, and Results & Recovery! I was purchasing Shakeology and R&R monthly so the second reason signing up as a coach made sense for me was for the 25% discount! It only costs $15.95/mo to be a coach and I save over $40 per month on my supplements that I have on auto-ship…no-brainer! On top of that, people were asking me all the time about how I was losing all that weight. I told them about P90X, Shakeology, and what my meals looked like. They went out and did the same thing! So I figured, “I am already telling people about these products that I am passionate about…Why not earn a commission for helping them out” (and helping beachbody out, lol) So I started earning a 25% commission on everything that I recommended to people! The cost of my Shakeology and R&R was quickly covered!

#3 You Are REAL: When people come to my website here, they see my before and after photo and think to themselves, “I could never do that…I could never get those kind of results”. Sometimes my results intimidate others. But when I signed up as a coach BEFORE getting the sixer…people saw me making progress and were interested in doing it WITH ME! They wanted to be “in the fire” so to speak with me, on the same journey, struggling to get where they wanted to be just like I was. People could relate to me more easily because I hadnt “arrived” yet…


So Should You Become a Coach BEFORE Getting Your Final Results???

becoming a team beachbody coach

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I would say absolutely! You will push yourself harder to get even better results, you can save/earn money, and inspire and help a ton of people on your way! It makes sense…to me at least. So long as you plan to focus on helping others, you can literally change your entire life as a coach!

Becoming a coach has changed not only my own life, but my family’s life as well…My wife used to work for Schnitzer Steel Corp. as an office manager. She was able to quit her job and stay at home with our kids. It such a blessing to have their mom at home during school vacations, sick days, dropping them off and picking them up from school! I have also been able to send both of our kids to a private Christian school where they will not only get a higher level education than public school can provide, but they are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ every single day and learning how to live out their faith! We are also able to tithe (give 10%) to our church. Its an amazing feeling writing that check and knowing that its going to be used to build God’s kingdom!

Coaching has been nothing but a blessing for me…On top of all the financial and health benefits that my family and I have experienced, I have had the chance to help thousands upon thousands of people change their lives as well. And having the opportunity to pay it forward is something you cant put a price tag on!

If you have any questions about becoming a Team Beachbody Coach, email me at and I can send you some more info and even set up a personal phone call to discuss with you! Or if you know that Coaching is a right fit for you and your goals, you can Sign Up Here NOW!

Keep BRINGIN IT and inspiring other to do the same!

Coach Todd

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