A Pyramid Scheme

I dont post too much about the coaching opportunity very often. This site is for your benefit and to help you reach your health and fitness goals, but this time I want to address something that has been nagging at me. The Beachbody coaching opportunity is based on a network marketing platform, or some people would refer to it as a multi level marketing (MLM) platform. People such as ourselves who use Beachbody products and have had success with those products are given the opportunity to join the company and help others maximize their results with those same products. There are lots of other things to do with the business, but that is essentially the goal: helping people. Usually the people you here nasty comments from about an MLM business are from people who got in the business to make a quick buck and failed. I am absolutely pleased to say that this is not what Beachbody is about and our shared passion of helping others reach their goals is what makes it such an awesome company to work with.

Coaching for me is a way to help people outside my physical boundaries and stay accountable. Many of you on the team saw my results online and were inspired to get fit and healthy yourselves! And let me just say…you guys are truly BRINGIN IT!!! I am proud of all the members of RIPPEDCLUB! Coaching was a natural transition for me though. When my family, friends, and people who hadnt seen me in a while saw the changes I had made, they also saw how passionate I was about P90X and Shakeology too! So if I can reach more people with my passion and ignite a passion in them…heck yes I want to be a part of that! The financial benefits are just an added bonus to the awesomeness of changing someones life!

But when I talk about coaching to someone, once in a while I still hear, “isnt that a pyramid scheme?” and it tweeks my melons! This video is really funny and pretty much sums up the MLM business platform:



So when you really think about it, network marketing is far less of a pyramid structure than most businesses and corporations! First of all, pyramid schemes are illegal. Next, I want you to name any large corporation. You have the President and CEO at the top, Vice President below them, and then Upper Management, Middle Management, Lower Management, and then all of the grunt workers down at the bottom. Chances are, 99.9% of the grunt workers will never make it to the top, while all the people at the top are the ones making great money. With Beachbody, anyone getting in now has just as great of a chance to make more money than the person above them. In fact, their success is controlled by their own effort level, not by someone else controlling if or when they get promoted. So which one is the pyramid scheme?

The beauty of the Beachbody coaching opportunity is that you can make whatever you want of it. Lots of people sign up as coaches just to get the 25% discount on the products they would have already been purchasing. Others are more entrepreneurial and want to build a successful business while helping others reach their goals. And the only limit on how much money you can make or how many people you can affect is determined by how hard you are willing to work. That sounds like the perfect business structure to me. Rewarding hard work! I put in the hard work of doing my workouts EVERDAY and eating right EVERYDAY, and now I have the reward of being RIPPED! I also now have the reward of helping you reach your goal too as your coach! Its a pleasure to lead such a willing and committed team!

If you have a passion for health, fitness and helping others, becoming a coach might just be for you. Contact me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net for more info.

What has ignited your passion for health and fitness? Let us know in the comments below!


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