Building A Successful Beachbody Business

beachbody businessSo many people have seen my results from using Beachbody products, but I think I have done you guys a disservice in that I have not conveyed to you enough, the opportunity that exists as a Team Beachbody Coach. What I wanted to do today was not just tell you about the coaching opportunity, but show you what I have done to build a successful Beachbody business.

I will make this a short story, but back in 2010 I decided to start P90X for the 8th time. I had never finished all 90 days before…think you can beat that record??? lol. Anyway, Decmember 10th, 2010 I started my P90X journey with the help of a free Team Beachbody coach guiding me along the way to get the best results. He provided me tips on my nutrition, supplements, and mindset in order to get the best results possible. And I did get amazing results! After 210 days I had lost 56lbs and had the six pack and all!

Mid-way through that journey, 2 months before revealing my results to the people of the interwebs, I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach myself. I had a ton of people asking me what I was doing to lose all that weight and ended up helping them out with their own nutrition plans/workouts, all the while sending a ton of business Beachbody’s way just by talking about what I had done.

Where is your Beachbody business now?

At the time of writing this post I now earn more per month as a Beachbody coach than I do as a full time design engineer. With the success of my Beachbody business, my amazing wife Molly has been able to quit her full time job as an office manager, so that she can be at home with our kids. It has also allowed us to afford the blessing of sending our kids to a private Christian school, which is something that was very important to us while they are in their developing years.

Its been a lot of work, sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears…but its changed the trajectory of our success as a family! Whats even more amazing to me is that I LOVE what I do as a coach, and the fact that I can earn an incredible living doing what I love goes so far beyond a financial blessing.

…But this is a business. If you treat it as such, you can go far! If you treat it like a hobby…it will make you money like a hobby does (usually those cost you, lol)

So how can YOU build a successful Beachbody business too?

I am glad you asked!


7 Steps To Building A Successful Beachbody Business

Here are 7 steps that you can follow to build your own successful “Beachbody business” and start living a life that YOU design.

#1 – Belief

The most successful coaches always have a level of belief that goes beyond what outsiders would say is “possible”. When I told my wife that I was going to bring her home from the office with my Beachbody business…she didn’t believe me. But MY level of belief never changed. I didnt know exactly how I was going to do it, but I was certain that I could make it happen. I had a passion that ignited passion in others. I had products to offer that get people real results! I had a desire to show people that they could change their life. I also believed in the “worth-whileness” of my goal and never took my eyes off of it. My goals have since changed and I am just as confident in my ability to reach my new goals as I was in reaching my original ones. Your level of belief will

beachbody business - molly resigns

Beachbody Business – Molly Resigns


#2 – Consistency

If you take a look at this blog, my youtube channel, my facebook profile…You will see that day in and day out I am consistent with my beachbody business. I treat it like a business. It doesnt matter what life circumstances get thrown at us – hard times, down times, good times…successful beachbody coaches show up no matter what and do what need done no matter how they feel that day.


#3 – Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

beachbody business - comfort zoneThere are a lot of great quotes out there about stepping outside your comfort zone in order to really experience life to the fullest. This concept is completely applicable to your Beachbody business. You are going to have to do some things that you have never done before in order to accomplish something that you have never accomplished. You might have to actually talk to people and invite them to your fitness challenge group. You might need to lead a team call for your coaches. You might lead a coaching opportunity meeting in you home. You might need to create a youtube video or a blog…I had never done ANY of these things when I started as a coach. Now that I have done all of them, I understand what I am good at and what I need to improve on, but each has moved my business forward. Remaining in your comfort zone is one of the primary reasons your beachbody business will remain stagnant.


#4 – Following A System

From day 1 as a coach, you have the same exact chances of succeeding as a coach as the next Joe Schmoe, and have the opportunity to have the same level of success as the #1 coach in the company. The reason is that Beachbody has developed a system that WORKS. That system is challenge groups. Its an incredibly simple process that includes:

  1. Build Relationships
  2. Invite to a Challenge Group
  3. Support During the Challenge Group
  4. Invite to Become a Coach
  5. Duplicate

A lot of new coaches try to complicate this process and think that there is some secret that all the successful coaches are hiding. The secret is the simplicity of the systemBeachbody gives you all the training, all the resources, all the know how you need to be a top earner in the company. Dont complicate it!


#5 – Personal Development

beachbody business - personal developmentIf you are not working on yourself as a person…you are not going to see much growth in your business, in your relationships, in your life…Even if its just 10 minutes per day, that little bit of time you spend learning how to better yourself is going to significantly alter your life and your Beachbody business.

I struggle with time management…I got a million things going on at once and I need to get better at time management. So what do I do? I find the best resource on time management skills. Turns out a guy named Bryan Tracey wrote a book called, “Eat That Frog” that addresses this exact issue. Find out what you need to work on and develop that skill or attitude until you are the person you want to be!


#6 – Share…Dont Sell

beachbody business - share dont sellNobody likes to be sold anything…be an example, not a sleezy salesman. Part of being a product of the product IS your sale. When people see the changes in you, they will be curious, they ask questions…Then its just a matter of sharing what worked for you, not cramming a sales pitch down their throat. Treat your prospective customers like you would want a leader to treat you. In sharing your story, inspire if you would want to be inspired…encourage if you would want to be encouraged…See where I am goin? If you are being real with people and you genuinely care about their health, you dont really need to “sell” anything.


#7 – Helping Others is Top Priority

If you want to have an over the top successful Beachbody business, then you have to help people without ever expecting anything in return. If it truly is your passion to help others, then this is going to be no problem. I give my team members ALL of my knowledge on nutrition. I dont hold any info back for just the people who buy shakeology or anything like that. I want EVERYONE to succeed, get amazing results themselves, and pay it forward. I do that by providing valuable content through my blog here, on my videos, and in my guidance with my coaching team. If the money or the business activities ever become more important than helping people, your Beachbody business will suffer…you wont enjoy it…and you will join the masses that planned on getting rich quick and call Team Beachbody, “one of those pyramid things…”. Its your fault if you dont succeed…You took your focus off the most important aspect of your business – Helping Others!


If you have any questions at all about whether or not coaching is a right fit for you, for your family, and for your goals…dont hesitate to shoot me an email at and we can set up a phone call to answer any questions you might have before getting started.

If you know this is right for you and you are passionate about what Beachbody has done for you and your health/fitness, and you want to share that with others…You can get started as a coach right now! << Click This Link!

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