Beachbody Coach SCAM

Is the Beachbody Coach Scam for real, or is there actually an opportunity here to have a successful business? That was the question I wanted answered and that is the question you probably want answered before you decide that becoming a Beachbody Coach is right for you and your goals. Now that I have been a coach for almost a year and had some significant success with the the opportunity, I can shed some light on the reality of the Beachbody Coach Scam (or huge opportunity that many miss out on)


The Coaching Opportunity In A Nutshell – Beachbody Coach Scam

If you have come this far, you have probably already done quite a bit of research on becomng a Team Beachbody Coach and you just want to be super thorough to make sure you arent getting involved in some type of scam. In any case, I wanted to give you the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity in a nutshell. Its really simple…A Team Beachbody Coach is a home-business owner who helps people get healthy and fit. We do so by providing support to our customer’s on their health and fitness journey using Beachbody fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, and TurboFire; along with supplements like Shakeology.

As a Coach you would get a 25% commission from any purchases made by the people on your team (customer’s) when they order through A coach also get bonuses for growing their team by signing up other coaches who purchase Beachbody products. There are tons of other cool perks that Beachbody offers to coaches who are consistently growing their business and you can learn all about those by checking out a page I created called – Be A Beachbody Coach.

But lets get into the whole Beachbody Coach Scam questions that I had when deciding if it was a right fit for me and hopefully these will clear things up for you.


Is This A Pyramid Scheme? – Beachbody Coach Scam

First off, not many people even understand what a pyramid scheme actually is. They usually think that if you sign up people (distributors), then its a pyramid scheme. The fact is that a REAL pyramid scheme is based on a reward system where you get paid to sign up new distributors or reps and no actual product is being sold. This is 100% illegal and I hope you guys dont think that I would ever take part in something like that.

As a Beachbody Coach, you dont actually get paid just for signing up new coaches. The only way you can profit from signing up a new coach is if that coach actually buys a Beachbody product. It works exactly like any other business; when a product is purchased, credit is given to the seller.

Next, I want you to name any large corporation. Got one in mind? Good…

You have the President and CEO at the top, Vice President below them, and then Upper Management, Middle Management, Lower Management, and then all of the grunt workers down at the bottom. Chances are, 99% of the grunt workers will never make it to the top, while all the people at the top are the ones making great money. With Beachbody, anyone who is just starting has just as great of a chance to make more money than the person above them. In fact, their success is controlled by their own effort level, not by someone else controlling if or when they get promoted. So which one is the pyramid scheme; the Beachbody Coach Scam or the corporate world?


Okay, So Can I ACTUALLY Make Money? – Beachbody Coach Scam

The simple answer to that question is YES! But you can make money in a Beachbody Coaching Scam as well as a legitimate coaching opportunity. The sad fact about this whole thing that makes it SEEM like a scam is that you got all these money grubbin people running their mouths saying that you can get rich overnight, or have the car of you dreams, the house you have always wanted. While all these things are true, what makes it sound schemey is that they dont tell you the amount of work it takes to achieve that type of success.

You absolutely can become the 6-figure income earner as a Beachbody Coach, but it takes a lot of dedication, time, and energy to get there. This isnt some get rich quick deal. Its a real business and real businesses take hard work.

The reason the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity is able to cover my mortgage and more each month is because I work hard at what I do. I try my best to provide something of value to my team. People see that value and I am rewarded. It wasnt over night either! Its been almost a year of failing at certain things and finding other things that work to help me grow my business.

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located at for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.


Okay, So How Much To “Get Started”? – Beachbody Coach Scam

This is the one thing that I was pretty skeptical about. With most home-business opportunities, you have to buy some type of starter kit that includes every single product offered by the company, which can run you anywhere from $500 to $5000. Well to my surprise, the cost to get started was incredibly reasonable. Below is a breakdown of the cost associated with becoming a Team Beachbody Coach. Now if I wasnt willing to share these costs, along with my very own income above, then you might start to think that the Beachbody Coach Scam was real.

Cost to sign up:

  • $39.95 – This cost covers your Business Starter Kit, your Online Office, and the cost to set up your two websites. You can get this fee waived completely by purchasing a Challenge Pack Though when you sign up as a coach! A Challenge Pack will include the fitness program of your choice, your first month of Shakeology on Auto Ship, and it includes a 30 day free trial Club Membership. If you dont already have a Beachbody fitness program, and want to become a coach, then this is a no brainer to just go ahead and select a Challenge Pack during your sign up proccess.
  • $89.96 – This is the coach price for your Shakeology. At minimum, if you want to be a successful coach then you need to be using Shakeology every single day. You lose all credibility if you are trying to recommend it to other people, but you yourself are not drinking it. Not to mention, its a huge business builder. I actually wont help my coaches build their business until they get on Shakeology. If you want to be successful then you have to be a product of the product.
  • $160-$205 – This is the cost of ordering a Challenge Pack and depending on what fitness program you choose the cost can vary between the this range. And again; your $39.95 Business Starter Kit fee is waived, you get your first month of Shakeology on autoship and you get the free 30 day trial club membership.

Total cost to sign up: Depending on what options you choose, it can range from $129.96 to $205.00.

Monthly Costs:

  • $14.95 – This fee begins in your second month as a coach and covers the cost to keep your Online Office running, the hosting of your 2 websites, and it also covers some of the costs that Beachbody has in helping you with customer service, shipping, and inventory (since you dont have to deal with any of it!)
  • $89.96 – This is the cost of your monthly shipment of Shakeology IF you are on autoship which you need to be. Being on autoship not only satisfies the requirement to keep you in “active” status as a coach, but it saves you $10 by getting you free shipping.

Total monthly cost to be an active coach: $104.91


I Know There Is No Beachbody Coach Scam – How Do I Become A Coach?

I dont want you signing up as a Team Beachbody Coach unless you are 100% sure that the Beachbody Coach Scam is myth. Of course if you have any questions before signing up, you can email me at But if you are ready to get started, then here is how to join the team:


***CLICK HERE To Become A Team Beachbody Coach***

1) Be sure when you are signing up and it asks you “Already have an account?”, choose NO and continue filling out the application

2) You will then be presented a few options to add to your order like the Challenge Packs or just Shakeology. Be sure you choose one of those.



Once you get signed up you will be hearing from me so that we can get you started!

Hopefully this post has helped to show you that the Beachbody Coach Scam is in fact an amazing opportunity to be a part of changing peoples lives as well as providing the opportunity of financial independence. When you sign up, you are going to be working with me and some of the top coaches in Beachbody, 4 out of 10 of the top coaches in Beachbody are on our coaching team and 2 members have held the #1 spot for the last two years, so you know we are doing something right. That same opportunity is available to you. I look forward to working with you and wish you all the best.

Onwards and upwards together,


Todd Warren








PS: If this post about the Beachbody Coach Scam was helpful, then make sure you click the “like” button. If you are a coach – be sure to share this with the nay-sayers you know who think that coaching is a sham!

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