Beachbody Coach Income

So what kinda money we talkin here with the Beachbody Coach Income? Now this post is very dangerous for me because I dont EVER want anyone to feel pressured into coaching. Its something that only a person who is passionate about their health and fitness should do as well as have a desire to share that passion with others. I also want to be clear that I dont work with just anyone. I evaluate each person interested in coaching and decide if you are a good fit for my coaching team or not. And Im not afraid to tell you “NO” if I know you dont have what it takes.

The reason I want to share with you about the Beachbody Coach income opportunity is because a lot of my team members ask questions about it and often times dont want to ask me the real tough questions that everyone already wants to know, like “How much money does a Beachbody Coach Make?”, “How much time does it take?” So I am going to make it super simple for you guys and bust open the Beachbody Coach Income Financials right now! First lets look at some numbers though…


Statistics & Rank – Beachbody Coach Income

How many Coaches are there? – Currently there are almost 72,000 coaches withing Team Beachbody. A lot of the people who sign up though, do it to get a discount on their regular purchases, like Shakeology since you get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products when you become a Coach. Other people put in the time and effort into building a home business while helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

Does Beachbody pay ALL Coaches a commission? – The answer is no. Not all Beachbody Coaches make a commission. Like I said, some only become a Coach for the discount. Roughly 32% of those who sign up to be a Coach never receive a commission from Beachbody. That means that 68% of Coaches have chosen to use the opportunity to grow a business.

How many Coaches reach Emeral Rank? – Roughly 25.7% of Coaches reach this level. To become an Emerald Coach, you need to sign up two coaches of your own. As you can see at only 25.7%, it really starts to thin  out quickly!

Is it hard to reach Emerald Rank? NO! All you have to do is know two people that want to get fit and healthy along with you to sign up as coaches on your team! For me, that was my wife and a family friend! You can reach Emerald rank your first week of becoming a Coach and be in the top 9% of Coaches in the nation!

There is no need to go out and try to sell people on becoming a Coach on your team. All I did was focus on my passion, which was helping other people by motivating them, providing valuable information, encouragement, and support. Naturally my passion translated into the same passion in my team member and they usually approach me on becoming a Coach.

I put a lot of work into building a successful foundation for me and my coaches to build upon, but its not difficult! I have a goal for all my NEW Coaches to reach Emerald Rank within 30 days. The reason for this is that because at the Emerald level, coaches are eligible for team bonuses and your income starts to pick up exponentially, which is a giant boost of encouragement and motivation to give coaching your best efforts.

Training my coaches to duplicate my success is a #1 priority for me. I see no benefit in signing up coaches and leaving them to fend for themselves. Thats why coaches on my team get the same training that has produced the #1 Beachbody Coach in the nation, two years running.

How many Coaches reach Diamond Rank? – About 3.6%. Now we are getting into the rarest of Coaches. So it must be difficult to reach Diamond rank then right? NO!! It just requires time, effort, and committment (sound familiar?).

To reach Diamond level rank as a Coach, you need to have signed up a total of 8 coaches on your team, and 2 of those 8 need to be Emerald Rank. I have more than 8 coaches on my team, but I also have the required 2 Emerald Coaches which makes me a Diamond Coach! I am in that top 4% of Coaches!

Was it difficult? Again…NO! I know exactly what it takes to succeed and my goal is to help all of my Coaches (who have the desire) to reach Diamond rank in six months or less.

How many Coaches reach Star Diamond Rank?2.4%! That means that for ever 1000 Coaches, only 24 reach Star Diamond Rank. Now Im not there yet, but I will be in 3 months! And if I can do it…Why not you too???

So how you become a Star Diamond Coach is by being a Diamond Coach first. Then you help one of your Coaches that you have sponsored achieve Diamond rank themselves! Thats not hard at all! I just brought you to become a Diamond Coach, so you know exactly what it takes to get your Coaches there as well.

The best part about this the Beachbody Coach income is that when you help others succeed, you succeed as well. Its the same philosophy with the workouts as well.

Now for the part you have been waiting for…


How Much Money Do Beachbody Coaches Make? – Beachbody Coach Income

Here is the breakdown of Beachbody Coach Income based on the 2011 Team Beachbody financials:

Emerald Rank = Avg. Yearly Earnings: $2,319. High: $493,092

Diamond Rank = Avg. Yearly Earnings: $14,658. High: $143,284

Star Diamond Rank = Avg. Yearly Earnings: $79,521. High: $1,423,863

Not too bad for a part time income right???

Now where do YOU fit in to these numbers Coach Todd? I knew you would ask and I am actually not going to tell you my Beachbody Coach income. The reason being is that my income with this opportunity has nothing to do with what YOU can do with this business. You might not make a single dollar as a Coach. On the other hand you might create a six-figure income for yourself and your family. Its completely up to YOU, and although I have been successful as a Coach, that has nothing to do with how successful you could be.

If you work hard at it like I have and follow the “game plan” that Beachbody creates for all their Coaches, then success will be your result. But just like working out, it does take hard work, sacrifice, and planning. You cant expect to get the results you want by making excuses and giving up! Its all up to you how successful you can be as a coach, the same way that its completely up to you whether or not you get the results you want from working out and eating clean.



How Quickly Can You Start Making Money? – Beachbody Coach Income

One thing that you are going to want to keep in mind when we decide if you are a right fit for our team of Coaches is that I didnt make any money my first month after Becoming a Coach. Hell I only made $166.79 in my first four months as a Coach!

Now why is my week sauce income struggle as a Coach a good thing for you? I know what to do wrong! Wait…Let me rephrase that…I know what not to do, and you can benefit by learning from my experience so that you can start earning right away! I know how to avoid seeing $0.00 come that weekly Beachbody pay period.

That is why I help my Coaches reach Emerald Rank as soon as possible, within 30 days of signing up. Once you reach Emerald, Beachbody starts giving you customers. You also become eligible for team bonuses and pretty soon you will find yourself qualifying for “success club” and Beachbody starts giving you even more customers! The Beachbody Coach income really starts to snowball once you do the work to become an Emerald Coach, building upon the foundation of helping others succeed – by sharing your passion.


Will I Succeed As A Coach?

Whether or not you succeed as a coach is completely up to you. I can guarantee your success as a coach about as easily as I can guarantee that you will have as good of a transformation as I did. I can provide you will all the tools and support you need, but the passion and commitment have to come from you!

Coaching is like your fitness journey in so many ways. Your results may come fast or slower, but as long as you continue to do the work and daily tasks that move you toward your goal, eventually you will get there. There might be tough at times. You may want to quit. Lord knows there have been times when I have wanted to quit, but I keep pressing on because I know deep down what I am capable of achieving!


Words Of Wisdom – Beachbody Coach Income

This is my opportunity to get rid of some of the people considering becoming a coach who I dont want on my team…

If your primary goal in becoming a Team Beachbody Coach is to make money, then you will fail miserably. Sure earning a Beachbody Coach income is an amazing opportunity, but only as the result of helping others reach their goals! The only coaches that I know who are truly successful at building there own team, are coaches who are truly passionate about the workouts and are genuinely excited about helping others get fit and healthy. If thats not you, then Coaching is not going to be a fulfilling experience for you. But if you are pumped about the change in your life and want to share that excitement with others, then Coaching is going to be a blast!


Hopefully this post on Beachbody Coach income has helped to answer some of your questions. As you can see, I am not trying to hide anything from you. This isnt some Beachbody Coach Pyramid Scheme or a Beachbody Coach Scam. If it were, I hope you would know that I would not be involved in anything like that. Coaching is a way for us, the people who have had success with Beachbody products and are walking talking advertisements for the company – to be compensated for recommending the products that helped us transform our lives. Its Beachbody’s way of rewarding us for giving them business.

If you are considering becoming a Coach, be sure you email me at and we can find out if you are a right fit for my team of Coaches as well as get some of your questions answered on what it takes to be a successful Team Beachbody Coach.

I am absolutely looking forward to hearing from you and moving forward together so that we can both benefit from one anothers passion and ambition!

PS: If you found my post here on the Beachbody Coach Income to be helpful, please “share the knowledge” below so that others can benefit as well!


Yours in success,


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