I Cant Be A Coach

Many of you have gone through programs like P90X, Insanity, Asylum – and have since developed a passion for these fitness programs. Many of you have also seen some amazing results or are just now starting to see the changes from your new commitment to fitness and your health. A lot of you are using Shakeology everyday and are seeing amazing results and feeling better than ever. Overall – Beachbody, their products, their coaches (me) are having an impact on your life and you have a new found excitement about what you are going through.

Odds are that if you have developed this passion for health and fitness by using Beachbody fitness programs and Shakeology, then the people around you are starting to take notice. They see that you’ve lost weight. They notice your energy levels are higher. They see that you have become a more positive person in general and they are asking you about what you are doing. You naturally respond with excitement about what P90X or Insanity has done for you. Its changed your life!

I still find that some of the most passionate people on our team are hesitant about becoming a coach. They think, “I cant be a coach” . . . And they think this for a few reasons:

  1. “I dont have time”
  2. “Im not an expert”
  3. “I want to have my final results first”
  4. “I dont think I could coach people”
  5. “I cant do what you do Coach Todd”

Lets take a look at each one of these hesitations about becoming a coach. I want everyone who becomes a coach on my team to be 100% that its the right fit for them so that you are able to give coaching your best, just like you give everything else your best.


“I Dont Have Time” – I Cant Be A Coach

This is one of the most common hesitations I come across when speaking to team members about becoming a coach. A lot of people see what I have created with RIPPEDCLUB.net and are overwhelmed and think that there is no way in the world they will have time to do anything like it.

Thats just not true. One of the privileges that I get when signing up a coach on my team is working with that person 1-on-1 to implement time management strategies.

I work anywhere from 50-70 hours per week. I have 2 kids, age 4 and 2. I have my amazing wife who I want to spend time with. I have social activities. I have church activities, and then life in between all this. I still manage to fit coaching into my schedule because I want to change my families circumstances. I make set up my schedule strategically so that I am not interfering with all my other obligations. You can be extremely successful as a coach and reach a lot of people with just 1 hour a day.

Ask yourself, “Where can I find 1 hour?”. Do you watch TV? Do you have a hobby? You get the idea. With coaching, you have an opportunity to change people’s lives and as a bonus, change your life as well – both physically and financially.

Time….You have time 🙂


“Im Not An Expert” – I Cant Be A Coach

Neither am I, lol. Want to know where I get a ton of answers to questions from the members of RIPPEDCLUB? Can you guess??? That’s right….Google!

You dont have to be an expert to be a coach, you just have to have a sincere desire to help people change their life! When people see that you are dedicated to making that happen for them, then you automatically become their go to guy or gal.

What I do as a coach is help support and encourage people through Beachbody programs and show them how to have success like I have had. As you know, when you have that extra support with anything you do in life, you’re much more likely to succeed, and that’s why so many people are having success getting into great shape with Beachbody programs.


“I Want To Have My Final Results First” – I Cant Be A Coach

Many of the successful coaches on my team were just starting their fitness journey when they decided to become a coach. Why? It allowed them to stay accountable because they didn’t want to give out advice to others if they weren’t doing it themselves. Plus, there is a lot to learn about coaching and it takes time to set everything up, so once you get through your 63 or 90 days, you will have everything in place to hit the ground running as a coach. Just make sure that you take great progress pictures every 15-30 days.

Not many people know this, but I became a coach 60 days before I got my final results. What that did for me was, it gave me an entirely new level of motivation to get THE BEST results possible. I wanted to show people what was possible! I highly recommend becoming a coach before getting your final results for this simple reason.


“I Dont Think I Could Coach People” – I Cant Be A Coach

The word “coach” is scary to some people. There are a lot of connotations that go along with the word. But really, coaches are more like motivators, encouragers, and supporters. Have you ever motivated anyone? Have you ever encouraged anyone? Have you ever supported anyone through a though situation? Then you can be a coach!

Yes you will get questions that you wont be able to answer, and that’s why when you sign up as a coach, you will be added to my team of coaches who happen to be the most successful group of coaches in all of team beachbody. You will have access to all these top coaches and myself to ask questions to that you might not be able to answer. We all coach as a team . . . This isnt a 1 person show – we all support one another as coaches and strive to create success for everyone!

So yes, you CAN coach people because you will have a team of the most successful coaches in the nation to help you do so!


“I Cant Do What You Do Coach Todd” – I Cant Be A Coach

And I dont expect you to. One of the great things about being a coach is that this business is built on relationships. You help other people…simple! You dont need a website like mine to help people. You dont need a facebook group to help people! Odds are that there are people living with you that need your help, encouragement, and support – right?

I do things the way I do because thats what works for me. It has worked well and I recommend following my lead, but you absolutely have the power to changes lives however you want – the way thats most comfortable for you.

If you DID want to take the approach I have taken with a website/team, then you shouldnt be overwhelmed. Like I said before, when you become a coach on my team, I work with you 1-on-1 to make sure that you are successful! This benefits both of us and its a way for me to help more people through you! Its my pleasure to spend the time to show you how I do what I do as a coach. I would expect the same from anyone who is committed to helping others.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line gang is that coaching isnt for everyone, but I think everyone should take a look at the opportunity. It has made me a better person, gotten me better results, I will be debt free soon, and I GET TO CHANGE LIVES. There is nothing that can touch THAT!

Seriously take a look at what Beachbody, their products, and the system they have created has done for your life. Now consider what you can do to pay it forward and get a reward at the same time!


Be sure you listen to my coach call with 2011 Top Coach Wayne Wyatt to learn more!!!


If you have any questions about becoming a coach, I would be happy to schedule a phone call with you, or you can email me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net.

I look forward to the chance at working with you to inspire others and spark change!


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