Elevation Coaches NEW Coach Alert: John DeGroat

12346540_928415303918809_1862563103920861545_nI wanted to start doing something new here on RIPPEDCLUB.net. Coaching has given me an edge to get results I never thought possible…its changed my life and its changed my family’s life! I believe that in an effort to help OTHERS, we better ourselves. Thats why I want to publicly welcome new coaches to the team here on my blog! When you join our coaching team you join one of the most motivated and inspiring team’s in Beachbody. We are Elevation Coaches and our primary mission is to #ElevateOTHERS and #ElevateYourDreams.

Help me welcome new Elevation Coach, John DeGroat to the team! I’ll let him tell his story below 🙂

Hello everyone.

My name is John Harloe DeGroat, I live in Frazee, MN. I became a beachbody coach because of Todd Warren. He inspires me to be a better person, and I admire his willingness to help others without reward. [Although helping is reward enough, right? I also see a great business opportunity with Beachbody. I work in hospitality as the Front Desk Manager for three Best Western locations, and I feel I have devoted my career to helping people. I want to help people reach their goals, both health and fitness, and as well as any other aspect of life.

As a Coach I am hoping to gain a new love for health and fitness, coming from a background of health issues both personally and within my family. I would love to chip at the trend of obesity in this country and around the world. I would love to travel with my family, maybe leave Minnesota. Another goal of mine is to achieve financial freedom for my family and myself.

To the team I believe I will add a great positive outlook on life, hospitable attitude towards customers and prospective coaches. With a mindset set on success both for myself, and for anyone looking to not only achieve their goals but to absolutely CRUSH them!

If you want to learn more about teaming up with me (Coach Todd) and the other Elevation Coaches to help others reach their goals while building a successful business that your passionate about, email me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net and we can schedule a phone call to see if you’re a right fit for the team. If you want to get started right away, CLICK HERE

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