P90X Classic Or Lean


This is a debate started long ago when P90X first came out. It is also the topic of a lot of confusion when people are just getting started with P90X. Its great that Beachbody has given us some options when it comes to your approach with P90X, but I feel that there is one tried and true way to get results for both male, female, skinny, fat, ripped, or flabby…But the band plays on and the debate continues with one question at the core…P90X Classic or Lean?

  • Which one is right for me?
  • Should women do the Lean schedule?
  • Which schedule will get me the best results?
  • Will classic make me bulky?
  • Which one gets the fastest results?
  • Should I add in Doubles for better results?
  • Etc, etc, etc…


The Only Two Questions You Need To Ask – P90X Classic Or Lean

I have heard all the questions/arguments and I want to lay out for you what I feel is the best schedule for you to choose when starting out with P90X. Its not going to be a matter of gender, amount of weight you need to lose…none of that. Only two things come into play when choosing P90X Classic or Lean:

  1. Which plan will you enjoy enough to stick with it?
  2. Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone at some point?


What The Heck Coach Todd? – P90X Classic Or Lean

You probably dont like those answers huh. You were expecting some “do this, this, and this. And thats the formula for choosing P90X Classic or Lean schedule”. But really what it comes down to is what works best for YOU. Its not about what works best for me – although I will get into what I feel is the best choice no matter what your preference is…its about you and your journey and how you can reach your goal in a way that suits your taste!

If you dont enjoy your workout schedule then you simply are not going to be motivated to do it! Just pushing play is half the battle. Of course you have to be somewhat of a maniac to enjoy P90X in the first place – but we get one another, right?

Now I have said before that its not about getting motivated enough to push play – its about pushing play and THEN finding the motivation to do it again, but remember this is about people who are just starting…Getting motivated and staying that way is essential and you need to do workouts that you enjoy. If you are discouraged by not being able to do a single push up or pull up and you choose to do the Lean schedule for that reason alone; then I say awesome! Go with the P90X Lean schedule and keep pressing play. That simple act of pressing play is what is most important. You can get more extreme when the time is right for you!

BUT!!! At some point, you need to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone in order to get the best results possible. Its as simple as that. You are going to have to do things that your body is not going to like in order to get your body into the type of shape that it has never been in. If you dont like resistance training, then that is exactly what you need! If you dont like yoga-x, then its exactly what you need. (see what Tony has to say about Yoga-x for those of you crying about it). Get it?


So What Does Coach Todd Recommend? – P90X Classic Or Lean

In my ever so humble opinion I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that EVERYONE . . . Man, woman, 350lb dude, hardgainer, guy that wants to get ripped, lady that wants to look feminine but strong . . . literally I am talking about all people who are going to attempt P90X should do the P90X Classic schedule. (oh yes – I bolded the heck out of that!)


The reason is very simple. The P90X Classic schedule is going to include resistance training (weights, bands – resistance). Resistance training, in combination with proper nutrition, builds lean muscle mass. I have already lost the ladies with that word “mass”, but stick with me here. When you build lean muscle, you burn more calories.

Here is what the doctors have to say on webmd.com: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/8-ways-to-burn-calories-and-fight-fat

When you exercise, you use muscle. This helps build muscle mass, and muscle tissue burns more calories — even when you’re at rest — than body fat. According to Wharton, 10 pounds of muscle would burn 50 calories in a day spent at rest, while 10 pounds of fat would burn 20 calories.

“The most effective way to increase metabolism and burn more calories is by aerobic exercise and strength training. Both are important,” School of Nutrition and Exercise Science at Bastyr University, says in an email interview.

Strength training becomes especially important as we get older, when our metabolisms tend to slow down. One way to stop this is to add some strength training to your workout at least a couple of times a week. The largest muscles (and therefore the largest calorie burners) are in the thighs, abdomen, chest, and arms.

If you want to lose the most fat possible in the shortest amount of time, for the best achievable results – then you need to incorporate resistance training into your workouts. The P90X Classic schedule just so happen to include both resistance and aerobic training!


Objections & Comments To The P90X Classic Schedule vs. Lean

I dont want get all bulky!

This comment is usually coming from the female persuasion 🙂 The simple fact is ladies that you dont not have enough testosterone in your body to “bulk up”. You could train just like a body builder and you still wouldnt bulk up – your hormones wont allow it. Now you can get very lean and very toned with P90X classic schedule. But even if you didnt want to be super toned and wanted the smooth feminine look, then classic is still your cup of tea for those results! Not to mention if you skip out on resistance training, you forfeit all the other benefit that come from strength training, such as stronger bones, reduced risk of injury, and tons more benefits.

This one might scare some people. Muscle mass naturally diminishes with age.

“If you don’t do anything to replace the lean muscle you lose, you’ll increase the percentage of fat in your body,” says Edward Laskowski, M.D., a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., and co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center. “But strength training can help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass — at any age.”

I dont like lifting weights!

And I hate yoga!!! But I do it anyway because I know its good for me! Stop the whining and do it!

I am going to do Doubles to get results faster!

I dont care what P90X schedule you run with. Lean, Classic . . . You can get results with both. But the one thing that is consistent that I have seen is that when someone decides to add those 3 extra workouts per week into their schedule for doubles – They always burn out after 1-2 weeks. I got my results with just 1 hour a day. Dont over complicate things and dont wear yourself out! If you do decide to run with a doubles schedule, just be sure you take in at least 200-400 extra calories that day for increased energy or YOU WILL CRASH! And listen to your body please! I dont want to see you get injured and be sidelined for 6 weeks not able to work out at all.

There is no way I could do all those push-ups and pull-ups!

You’re right! You cant. But you can if you modify! I could only do 10-15 push-ups when I started. I could only do 1 pull-up when I started. Now I can do very close to 100 push-ups without stopping and I can do almost 20 wide-grip (the hardest ones) pull-ups. I found ways to make the moves easier so that I could do them and gradually I would increase the intensity each week. You will get better if you modify! Check out my Push-Up Tips and Pull-Up Tips to learn how you can modify these moves.


What Schedule Do You Use? – P90X Classic Or Lean?

  • How is it working out for you?
  • Have you been seeing results?
  • Are you pleased with your results?
  • Have you stepped out of your comfort zone yet?
  • Are you having fun?
  • Have you done both Classic and Lean?
  • Which do you prefer?

I want to hear from you, the RIPPEDCLUB community, to see what P90X schedule is working best for you. Post your comments below as well as any questions you might have for me.

Also, if this post on P90X Classic or Lean was informative, be sure you share it on facebook and twitter!

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