My Asylum Results/Review

The last 30-days have been some of the most grueling, intense workouts that I have ever experienced. There is no doubt in my mind why they named it The Asylum, because you do have to be out of your mind to put your body through this program!

First off, let me tell you a little about how I started this journey into The Asylum.

I was in week-8 of my 3rd round of P90X and for some strange reason I was just getting board. To date I had lost 50lbs and was in what I thought was the best shape I was capable of. P90X had taken me from fat and lazy to ripped and energized in just 2 rounds, but I still felt like I was in the mood for change. Its not that I wasnt pushing myself or skipping any of the work outs, but I could tell that I was losing motivation and I knew that I had to take action. The Asylum had always sparked my interest as it was a fairly new program, so I pretty much had my mind made up before hitting the buy now button anyway.

Day-1 Fit Test:

The Fit Test absolutely stomped me! I was expecting to be very able to push through the moves without too much difficulty, but The Asylum absolutely crushed my expectations of what an “intense” workout was. It really is crazy! The pace of the workout I think is what got me. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is quickly becoming a fitness phenomenon, and I can see why! My heart rate was through the roof the entire work out and what little time you have between moves to recover is spent trying not to pass out (at least thats what I was trying not to do, lol) The Fit Test really was an eye-opener for me and really showed me that there was a lot of room for progress to be made with my fitness. Check out my Day-1 Fit Test below.



The Jouney:

The Trainer: The Asylum, aside from being one of the most intense programs on the market to date, also has in my opinion one of the best trainers out there! Shaun T has got to be one of the most motivational trainers I have followed. Tony Horton is encouraging and really pushes you, but Shaun T has a way to get into your head during the moves that forces you to focus on doing more and more, and takes away the focus from your body screaming in agony. One of his funniest quotes is “The only thing that sucks, is that you got two sides to your body”. He knows exactly what to say to cause you to want to push past the pain and focus on the results. That is something that I really have gained from this 30 day journey, is that you have got to ignore the mind. If I did what my mind said, then I wouldnt even have pressed play, but I want the results. I want to take my body to where it wants to be!

The Workouts: Bar none, the most difficult home fitness program on the market right now. What I really like about the Asylum is the fact that it is a sports based workout program that focuses on all the necessary aspect of sports fitness: speed, agility, balance, power, and strength. Even better is the variety of moves provided to excel in these areas. I would never have imagined how hard swimming exercises could be to strengthen your lower back. The Asylum really does cover ALL areas of sports fitness. There are even some great tools that Shaun T tosses into the workouts to make them fun and challenging. There is the agility ladder, jump rope, and toning bands. I quickly developed a love hate relationship with these tools. They cause so much pain, but produce such great results.

I know someone will ask it, so I am just going to answer the question, “How does it compare to P90X?” Obviously, The Asylum does not focus on resistance training as heavily as P90X, but I would expect that it could produce similar results. The Asylum does have a “Strength” workout that involves using dumbbells, but it is still more focused on the High Intensity Interval Training, getting the heart rate up and keeping it up. If someone was going to choose between the two, I would still recommend doing P90X. The Asylum really did a great job of tackling what little fat I had left around the love handle area. P90X developed great endurance for me, but The Asylum is what has really taken me to elite athlete!

The Nutrition: The one problem I had with the Asylum was that the nutrition guide was difficult to grasp a concept of. They tell you about how many calories per day you should be eating, but they just werent as methodical about it like I would have liked to have seen. I like being able to calculate EXACTLY what I need and #’s I can follow. The Asylum’s nutrition guide states the Shaun T doesnt believe in calorie restriction, but he believes in portion restriction. While I agree with his approach on the portion sizes, I still think that people are more inclined to stay committed to a diet plan if it is more regimented. That is how people develop life-long healthy habits in my opinion.

The Results:

For a 30 day program, I couldnt be happier with my results. I got tons more muscle definition, lost more body fat, my endurance levels are off the charts, and I just plain feel like a fitness monster! All the jumping, moving push-ups, bear crawls, long jumps, ab climber progressions…They all have taken my fitness to exactly the level the program said it would: Elite! Check out the final results below.



I would highly recommend that P90X and Insanity Grads get The Asylum!!! I thought I was at the peak of my physical capabilities, but The Asylum shattered what I thought possible of myself. DIG DEEP AND SEE THE RESULTS YOU ARE TRULY CAPABLE OF!!!


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