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My ASYLUM Challenge!

Yes its true, I am straying from the X! But dont worry, its only for 30 days! To keep things interesting, exciting, and to keep my body guessing, I have decided to do Insanity: The Asylum! A 30 day all out, knock down, drag out sports training challenge that is going to take my fitness levels to new heights! I am absolutely pumped to begin and even more pumped to see the results.

What is the Asylum you ask? Asylum is a 30 day program designed at increasing speed, agility, coordination and power; all of which are necessary when you hit the field or court! This is real world application type stuff here! Just take a look at this preview and tell me you arent as pumped as I am to take it to another level!



The Plan: (Always have a plan, or else plan on failing)

I will be completing my week-9 recovery week of P90X on September 25th. Day-1 of the Asylum will begin on the next day, September 26th.  For 30 days I will be completely committed to the Asylum and the Nutrition Plan developed by Asylum’s creator Shaun T. This is important that I follow the program to a T (no pun intended) to ensure I get the maximum results possible! After my 30 day Asylum Challenge, I will complete another P90X recovery week and finish up weeks 10-13 to end my 3rd round of P90X.

I guess you could call this a hybrid schedule, but a little different than most hybrids you see. After round 3 of P90X I will probably continue to incorporate some of the Asylum workouts into my P90X schedules for a TRUE hybrid schedule. But then again, P90X2 is due out this fall, so my January 1st – April 1st schedule will be nothing but THE DEUCE!

Bottom line team is that its important to change it up. You already know this from P90X and its foundation of muscle confusion. Well its also important to change up your workouts once in a while and do things you have never done before, push yourself harder than you have before. This is why I am doing the Asylum challenge! I want to take my results to another level! Not to mention, I have already memorized all of Tony’s one liners from the P90X dvds…it will be a healthy change of pace! I love you Tony! LOL! I will be documenting my progress with a transformation video with before and after results too, so be on the lookout for that around the end of October!

I would love for you guys to take the Asylum challenge with me and DIG DEEPER to see what you are made of! Lets see just how fit we can get, see just what we are capable of and hopefully we surprise ourselves. I will be pushing myself to the brink, you can bet on it…will you?


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