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Why is Body Beast making me FAT???” I have been getting this question quite a bit and in the video below, you are going to hear a few reasons that you might be tipping the scales a little more than you had planned…Ya Body Beast is a bulking program aimed at gaining mass and you should expect some fat gain, but many are experiencing more fat gain than planned.

In addition to providing you with some reasons WHY you’re milkshake is bringin all the boys to the yard, I talk about what you should do if you dont want to gain fat, but rather you’re tryin to lose the milkshake, lol. Check out the video below and leave your comments below! Do you have trouble sticking to the  nutrition plan with Body Beast?

Why is Body Beast Making Me Fat???

Take note of some of the reasons that you’re gaining fat, but first a GIANT CAUTION

CAUTION: You’re eating at a calorie surplus and the tendancy for many when eating at a surplus is to compromise on nutritional quality of foods. Pop tarts and donuts do NOT have the vitamins and minerals that your body needs and wants in order to perform at optimal levels.

#1 Your Eating a Calorie Surplus – This is just the nature of gaining mass. You’re eating more fat than your body is burning in order to feed your muscles the nutrients necessary to grow. Whats left is stored as fat. You can minimize that by bulking with clean foods!

#2 The Point of Body Beast is to GAIN! – Again…its the nature of gaining mass. You’re going to put on fat. If your goal is to NOT gain fat, you might want to follow something more along the lines of the P90X fat shredder plan.

#3 Are You Tracking Your Nutrition? – I promote the use of myfitnesspal heavily for the reason being, that when you plan…you win! When you fail to plan then plan on failing. If you want to avoid the compromises and pit falls that many fall into when bulking…get on the nutritional tracking bandwagon.
I hope this post on Body Beast and fat gain helped you out. If it did, be sure to like & share, cuz it helps get this info into the hands of others who are lookin for the same type of info! 


Coach Todd

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