My 3200 Calorie BEAST Diet


Many have been asking about my diet during BODY BEAST so I decided to post up My BEAST Diet so that you can get a general idea of what I am eating to gain mass during my BODY BEAST journey.

You might be a little dissappointed because I eat the same thing almost every single day for consistency and convenience. What is shown below in the two examples of my daily intake makes up about 90% of what I eat. There are some variations – sometimes I trade out some starches for a fruit once in a while if I need the sugar fix, but overall I like to keep things simple. Let me know if you have any questions!

A quick note: For bulking I am not so worried about hitting my macros dead on. I shoot for ±10g of any given macro and if I am within 100-120 calories of my 3200 goal, then it was a good day!

Also, before planning your own BODY BEAST Diet, be sure you check out these resources:


My BEAST Diet – Example #1

My BEAST Diet – Example #2

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