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Calculating BODY BEAST Nutrition

Just like I showed you how to calculate your P90X nutrition, today I wanted to cover calculating BODY BEAST nutrition for gaining mass. There are some differences from what you saw with my P90X calculator. One of the main differences that you are going to see with the BODY BEAST nutrition plan is that you are going to recalculate your nutritional intake for each phase of the workout schedule. Other than that, its all pretty easy to follow – Just plug in your measurements and see where you need to be to BEAST UP!



THE STEP-BY-STEP – Calculating BODY BEAST Nutrition


STEP 1.  [100 - body fat % (BF)] / 100 x weight = Lean Body Mass (LBM)

STEP 2.  LBM x 10 = Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

STEP 3.  RMR x 0.3 = Caloric Modification for Recovery (CMR)

STEP 4.  RMR + CMR = Resting Metabolic Rate Modified for Recovery (RMR2)

STEP 5.  RMR2 + 600 = Calorie Intake to Maintain Weight (CIM)


Calculation for the BUILD and BULK Phases (Phases 1 and 2)

If BF is more than 20% –> CIM + 10% of CIM = Calories needed to BUILD/BULK

If BF is between 20% and 10% –> CIM + 15% of CIM = Calories needed to BUILD/BULK

If BF is less than 10% –> CIM + 20% of CIM = Calories needed to BUILD/BULK


For Phase 3, follow the first five steps from above, followed by:

Calculation for the BEAST Phase (Phases 3)

If BF is more than 20% –> CIM – 20% of CIM = Calories needed to BEAST

If BF is between 20% and 10% –> CIM – 15% of CIM = Calories needed to BEAST

If BF is less than 10% –> CIM – 10% of CIM = Calories needed to BEAST


NOTE: Recalculate weight and body fat between each Phase.


Calculating BODY BEAST Nutrition: Example


Day-1:  Matt weighs 170lbs and is at 8% body fat (BF)

STEP 1.  [100 - 8 % (BF)] = 92 • 92/100 = 0.92 • 0.92 x 170lbs (weight) = 156.4 (LBM)

STEP 2.  156.4 (LBM) x 10 = 1,564 (RMR)

STEP 3.  1,564 (RMR) x 0.3 = 469.2 (CMR)

STEP 4.  1,564 (RMR)+ 469.2 (CMR) = 2,033.2 calories (RMR2)

STEP 5.  2,033.2 (RMR2) + 600 = 2,633.2 calories (CIM)

**BUILD PHASE adjustments:

Matt’s body fat is 8%, which is less than 10%, so:

2,633.2 calories (CIM) + 526.64 (20% of CIM) = 3,159.84

Round up to: 3,200 calories

Matt needs to consume 3,200 calories per day to BUILD.

 After the BUILD PHASE, Matt now weighs 180lbs and has 9% body fat (BF)

STEP 1.  [100 - 9 % (BF)] = 91 • 91/100 = 0.91 • 0.91 x 180lbs (weight) = 163.8 (LBM)

STEP 2.  163.8 (LBM) x 10 = 1,638 (RMR)

STEP 3.  1,638 (RMR) x 0.3 = 491.4 (CMR)

STEP 4.  1,638 (RMR)+ 491.4 (CMR) = 2,129.4 calories (RMR2)

STEP 5.  2,129.4 (RMR2) + 600 = 2,729.4 calories (CIM)

**BULK PHASE adjustments:

Matt’s body fat is 9%, which is less than 10%, so:

2,729.4 calories (CIM) + 545.88 (20% of CIM) = 3,275.28

Round up to: 3,400 calories

Matt needs to consume 3,400 calories per day to BULK.

 After the BULK PHASE, Matt now weighs 190lbs and has 11% body fat (BF)

STEP 1.  [100 - 11 % (BF)] = 89 • 89/100 = 0.89 • 0.89 x 190lbs (weight) = 169.1 (LBM)

STEP 2.  169.1 (LBM) x 10 = 1,691 (RMR)

STEP 3.  1,691 (RMR) x 0.3 = 507.3 (CMR)

STEP 4.  1,691 (RMR)+ 507.3 (CMR) = 2,198.3 calories (RMR2)

STEP 5.  2,198.3 (RMR2) + 600 = 2,798.3 calories (CIM)

**BEAST PHASE adjustments:

Matt’s body fat is 11%, which is between 10% and 20%, so:

2,798.3 calories (CIM) – 279.83 (10% of CIM) = 2518.47

Round up to: 2,400 calories

Matt needs to consume 2,400 calories per day to BEAST.


Results always come from precision dieting. When you know how much to eat, what to eat, and when to eat it – you are going to have what it takes to get the absolute BEST results possible. If you havent checked them out yet, be sure you print of the BODY BEAST Food Lists and Portion Charts for a hand held resource to reference when planning your nutrition.

“Planning is key and if you fail to plan…then plan on failing!

Hopefully this post will give you a better understanding of where you need to be when it comes to calorie intake and calculating BODY BEAST nutrition. If this post was helpful, be sure to “like” it over to the left here and share it with anyone else you know who might be trying to gain mass. They dont even have to be doing BODY BEAST! This plan nutrition calculator will work for any mass gain routine!


PS: How much mass are you looking to gain? Have you got everything planned out to make sure you reach that goal? Let us know below in the comments!

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Just started BodyBeast, ending week 1 today. I am sitting at about 143lbs & 13 or 14% BF. Do I really only need to eat 1,900cal per day during the BUILD phase?! That seems really low to me &  I'm worried I'm doing the the calculation wrong haha. 

Let me know - thanks!


I've calculated and this is the end of my first day. My goal to build was 2800 calories but I am still hungry? Suggestions?


I'm at 12% body fat right now I have a bit of a gut what would u recommend for me to do? I am 170 right now my goal weight is to be 185 to 200. should I just start bulking or try to slim down first?


Yup. Thanks Todd. I was just getting a little confused in the example.


great article. how are you rounding the calorie numbers?


what if i want to do body beast but dont want to gain fat. im 14% bf and want to get down to 9% could i do lean phase and still lose?


Awesome article. Very informative. Thanks..........


@SonicsTalk you should be at much more than 1900 during a build phase. If you have crazy metabolism, you might consider bumping it up to around 3000+


@drr1217 stick it out at 2800 mate. Most likely your body isnt use to getting 2800 calories of wholesome foods (maybe...I dont know how well you eat). If your body is used to getting more than that, it could be just your brain crying wolf. keep to 2800 for a few weeks and see how you feel. You should also be drinking a gallon or more of water per day which will help with hunger pangs.

Coach Todd
Coach Todd

12% isnt too bad. What it really comes down to is doing a program that is going to keep you motivated to finish. If you like body beast more than say p90x or insanity, go with body beast. But you can absolutely bulk and role with the LEAN BEAST routine to focus on some additional fat burning. I am actually starting a BODY BEAST challenge group on tuesday, September 4th. you interested in joining?

Coach Todd
Coach Todd

good deal Ryan! Let me know if you have any other questions man and I will be happy to help you out!

Coach Todd
Coach Todd

Hey Ryan! I round up always! If your calculation comes out to 3159, round up to 3200. If it comes out to 2803, round up to 2900. Did that answer your questions bro?

Coach Todd
Coach Todd

hey Andre! Ya, you could probably get there if you did the LEAN BEAST routine.