I Got You A Discount!

So, I have the privilege of being the coach of this fine team we call RIPPEDCLUB that has gotten some of the best results Beachbody has to speak of. And why do we get such crazy results??? Two things

  • We PLAN for success
  • We take ACTION on those plans…NO EXCUSES!

Part of having the right PLAN is having the right tools in order to reach your goals! If you want to gain some serious mass, you aren’t going to be doing Brazil Butt Lift anytime soon…And likewise, the person just looking to make an extreme life change and lose 40-100lbs, is not likely going to choose Body Beast as the best tool to reach that goal.

…But about the discount!


I Got You A Discount!

So back to my original topic though. So part of being able to reach your goal is having the right tools. And what I love about Beachbody is that they always make those tools easy to acquire! They discount stuff!

So here is the thing…All us coaches began to see the demand for T25 last month and all of the insane results that T25 was producing in our Challenge Groups. Last month Team Beachbody offered the Focus T25 Challenge Pack on sale for $180 (instead of the normal price of $205). It came with the Alpha and Beta Phases of T25, your first 30 days of Shakeology on Home Direct, and a free 30 day Beachbody Club Membership. You end up saving $90 with the T25 Challenge Pack rather than buying the workout and Shakeology separately. It just made sense – Get your workout and your nutrition right…all in one!

So us coaches bickered and complained and begged to extend that discount through August! And guess what…they did! So now you can get the Focus T25 Challenge Pack for $180 through the month of August.

focus t25 august challenge pack discount

…But they didnt stop there!

Beachbody ALSO decided to discount the Body Beast and TurboFire Challenge Packs!!! So instead of paying $180 for those, you only have to pay $160 for the month of August!

Save in August!

Think about it this way…Shakeology costs you $129.95 plus shipping. With the challenge pack (depending on whichever you choose), you are getting Shakeology and essentially a workout program for $30-$40! If I didnt already own both T25, Body Beast, and TurboFire…I would hop on this like now!

Here is my BONUS to you if you decide to pick up one of these Challenge Packs (Focus T25, Body Beast, or TurboFire).

First off, you are going to have the chance to join a challenge group with other RIPPEDCLUB members who are doing the same program as you! This has been producing unbelievable results for our other team members!

You also get ME as your free coach to walk you through step-by-step on how to get the best results possible. And I am not trying to brag, but I know how to get the results! I know how to help you PLAN to see the changes that will motivate you to keep pushing for more!

…Oh, and you have the chance to win $500 each day, or $1000, $25,000, or even $100,000!!! Not to shabby for losing unwanted fat!

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Now its time to DIG DEEP and inspire others to do the same!

Coach Todd

PS – Check out my Focus T25 review and Body Beast review if you like to see if either are a right fit for you and your goals!

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