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How to Afford Shakeology | RIPPEDCLUB

How to Afford Shakeology

First and foremost, I just want say that I never want to sound like I am a salesman, because I’m not.  My goal is to help you get the result that you want, and that’s it!  Your goal is to get great results, so that should be my goal too.  But obviously its no secret that I use Shakeology and have been for the past two months.  It has been such an amazing product for me personally, that I want to get this stuff into as many hands as possible so they can know how amazing it is too!  I don’t go a day without it and plan on using Shakeology as long as its still available.

Shakeology is expensive, I get that.  This was the reason I was a bit hesitant to try the stuff at first too.  But after my first taste and just a few days later experiencing the benefits of it…I was hooked.  I now have it automatically delivered to my door each month to ensure I never run out!

So lets say that you REALLY want to try Shakeology but you just cant get over that $120 price tag.  There are multiple ways that you CAN AFFORD Shakeology, and no you dont need to rob a bank every month or start posting your stuff on craigslist to sell, lol.  What I have done here, is given you methods to use Shakeology and experience the benefits of it, without spending ANY EXTRA MONEY!!!  So let me show you how I personally can afford Shakeology, and how you can afford Shakeology too.

#1) Becoming a Team Beachbody coach – This is probably the fastest and easiest way to make Shakeology less expensive.  “But I dont want to do the whole coach thing”, and that is totally fine.  What a lot of people do to save money on the supplements they buy from Beachbody is become a coach.  You automatically receive a 25% discount as a coach.  So we take the $120 – 25% and now you are only spending $90.  There is a $14.95/mo fee for being a coach though.  This fee covers the cost of the websites and business tools that Beachbody sets each coach up with to help them succeed in the coaching business.  But again, you dont have to do the coaching part if you dont want to.  So now we have the $90 + $15 = $105/mo.  You save $15 overall.  Simple, quick, a no-brainer if you want instant savings.  If you are interested in becoming a coach and want to know more, you can email me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net.

#2) Budget Re-Allocation – While you are reading this next way to make Shakeology affordable, please remember that I am not trying to push this stuff down your throat.  I am simply a firm believer in the product itself as someone who has used it and experienced amazing results.  With that said, lets look at how using Shakeology as it was inteded (a meal replacement) can make it so you dont spend an extra dime…in fact, many people are saving money by drinking Shakeology and reaping the health benefits at the same time!

First though, I often see the misconception that Shakeology is going to ADD $120 (or $89) to your monthly expenses if you use it. This isn’t true at all. In my case, I don’t spend $89 MORE each month because I use Shakeology. I simply re-allocate what I was already spending each month to buy food/supplements and spend it on Shakeology INSTEAD of whatever else I was spending my money on…usually junk that didn’t belong in my body in the first place.

So lets start off with a few questions:

  • How many times per week/month do you eat out for lunch?  By skipping the trip to Applebee’s or McDonald’s 3-5 times per week and instead, you prepare your own lunch each day…You just re-allocated enough money to buy Shakeology each month and you will most likely save money, lol.
  • How often do go to Starbucks or a similar coffee shop?  Are you willing to trade coffee for just one month to see what Shakeology can do for your health?
  • How often do you stop at the convenience store?  For some, just driving past the 7/11 each day could put enough cash in your pocket each month to afford Shakeology.

#3) Home Direct – This is what I was talking about earlier when I said that I get it shipped to my door each month automatically.  Beachbody calls this a “Home Direct” order.  Basically they deduct the $89.96 from my checking account the same day each month and it shows up on time without fail.  The reason a Home Direct order saves you money is that you get free shipping which usually costs about $10.  The cool part is, is that you can cancel the Home Direct option at any time.  So lets say you order your Shakeology today and you dont want to pay shipping, but you also dont know if you want it coming a second month in a row.  Place your order, choose the home direct option, then just cancel the Home Direct option before they process the next months order.  Boom, you save instantly, lol.

Do I sound like a salesman yet…lol, probably.  But to be honest, I am not ashamed about it.  Shakeology has transformed my health and it has transformed my body and I strongly believe that it is the best possible thing that I use to fuel my body.  I started using it to loose weight and to make sure that my body was getting everything it needed to operate at 100% efficiency.  I am now on my 3rd round of P90X and Shakeology continues to be the foundation of my nutrition.  I drink it every morning for breakfast to replenish and fuel my body after my workouts.  Like I said, I cant go a day without it!

Hopefully this has helped show you that taking care of your body does not require more time and money.  It simply requires you to RE-ALLOCATE your time and money.  Skip an hour of TV per night and do a workout.  Skip the lunch out and brown bag it.  Trade the frequent trips to the pantry for healthy snacks like fruit and veggies.  Its a lifestyle choice to take care of the body you have been blessed with.  I have made the appropriate re-allocations in order to take care of my body and make my health a priority.  Its much easier to say that you cant afford to eat healthy, or I dont have time to exercise, or I cant afford good supplements.  I say re-allocate your time and resources and give yourself the best chance possible for success.

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I want to buy Shakeology but BB.com does not ship to mexico. Do you guys know of any online store where i can buy it from?. Thx. Angel.