Huge July Discounts!

I think I peed my pants when I saw this…

I have no clue what your plans are for the future when it comes to new workouts, but I just got a message from the CEO of Beachbody – Carl Daikeler…He just shared some crazy info that I think a lot of people are going to have to change their pants over too!

Here’s the deal:


RIGHT NOW Body Beast is going on a HUGE clearance!

body beast banner

That means the base kit will go from $89.95 down to $39.90! << GET THIS NOW!

And the Body Beast Challenge Packs will also be reduced:

You will need to order quick before they run out (which it will!)

ALSO!!! Ya there is more peed pants news, lol – Im gross, sorry…

Beachbody’s newest program, PiYo is discounted with the challenge pack for the rest of the month!


PiYo Challenge Pack


The PiYo challenge pack is currently discounted to $140 ($160 normally)! The way I see it…Your basically getting this entire workout program for $10 since Shakeology normally costs $129.95.

If you would like to order the PiYo Challenge Pack NOW…You Can Order Here

If you want to learn some more about PiYo, check out this video


Have you ever seen the Shakeology 3-day cleanse? Well, it turns out that even though it works well at helping you lose a quick 3-8lbs…3 servings per day of shakeology was not the intended use of Shakeology. So they came out with a 3 day cleanse that works even BETTER!

My buddy Zach just finished the 3-Day Refresh and lost 10lbs!


3-Day Refresh


The 3-Day Refresh challenge pack comes with a 30 day supply of shakeology and the 3 day refresh supplements for $140 (normally $160)

Basically if you want to lean out before heading to an event or if you want to remedy a weekend where you completely fell of the wagon nutritionally like I did when I went camping last weekend, lol…This is perfect!

Here are your discount links for it:

If you want to learn some more about it first, check out this video!

and one more thing!

If you have any questions that you would like me to address in a video or blog post – please do let me know and I would be honored to create that resource for you and our team!

I hope you found something here that can help you better reach your goals!

I appreciate you so much!

Coach Todd

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