OH SNAP! I just placed MY order for MAX:30 and I couldnt be more pumped to rock this program with you guys when we start our challenge group on January 5th!

oh and just in case you weren’t aware…INSANITY MAX:30 is available to order!!! Just sayin! I have posted the links for the different packages that are available below. Currently as I write this, the only packages that are available are the Challenge Pack and the Base Kit. As the links go live for the other packages, I will update this page with those links for you. If you have any questions at all – shoot me an email at coachtodd@rippedclub.net!




ORDER INSANITY MAX:30 – Available Packages:

MAX:30 Challenge Pack (Includes Shakeology) – Largest Discount!

MAX:30 Base Kit

MAX:30 Deluxe Kit

MAX:30 Ab Maximizer DVDs

MAX:30 Ab Maximizer Kit

MAX:30 Sweat Fest DVD

For those of you that are like me and need extra support to help you stay accountable to your goals and stay focused on your nutrition…I have a video that I want you to watch below!


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