Here is Noel’s story in his own words:

‘Most of my life I have been an active and healthy sports freak!! Basketball, track and football took up most of my time in high school. Because I was very motivated by these sports I kept a healthy lifestyle. Constant activity, a love for competition and fast metabolism kept me lean. After high school I went to junior college and continued that mentality and maintained a svelte 230 pounds. After graduation I went on to a four year institution. Because of the new and improved super class schedule I had it didn’t allow much time for exercise. Well at least I thought that anyway! What it did allow for was plenty of time to fill my body with as much junk food as possible!!!! The college setting gave me very quick access to pizza, burgers, sodas and sweets!! Please don’t get me started on the hot wings!!!! For the next year I completely ignored my body. During this time I gained 15 pounds easy but because of my 6’4 frame it was hard to tell…unless I took my shirt off….yuck! Fast forward 2 years and another 7 pounds! I met the two loves of my life that would completely change me! The first was my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! He completely changed me! At this point I knew it was time to grow up and live the life I’ve always wanted to life. With His help I then found the other part of that love…my beautiful wife Amy. Now they say marriage adds another 10 pounds! Don’t believe that!! It added another 15 pounds LOL! I can’t blame marriage for that but I did gain another 15!!. About this time the weight was really showing regardless of my frame. I hated the fact that I was now uncomfortable in my own skin….it was a horrible feeling. Another miracle happened though…the birth of my son Christian! So now I had two reasons to get healthy. About 3 years into marriage I began taking martial arts. This helped me lose some weight as I was climbing the ranks. But then an injury set me back big time. Shoulder surgery and 6 months of physical therapy made it hard for me to exercise. And at this point I made every excuse not to. After a job promotion and the birth of my beautiful daughter Caroline it seemed as if I would never have time to focus on my health. Ok so all of this neglect cause a lot of health issues. First of all I was tired all of the time. With two kids as energetic as mine that wasn’t a good combo for me. :) My blood pressure and other numbers were all out of whack and it made my heart condition more noticeable. Scary stuff!!! 2010. After seeing the P90x infomercial on TV one night I decided to order it. I was gung ho until I received it and attempted the first day. It went on the shelf for months. Then I turned 35 in May. I was in the absolute worse shape of my life! The deal breaker came when my cardiologist told me my blood pressure was mere points away from a stroke of some kind!!! Time for a change Noel!!! I finally listened to the cries of my family!  I decided to make that change. I pulled those P90x videos off the shelf and took the next week just to plan. I watched the infomercial like 10 times just for extra motivation. Seeing some of those transformations blew my mind!! If they could do it why couldn’t I? I started in July and by the end of Phase 1 I had lost 20 pounds! Unreal! So far I have put my mind, body and soul into this! People are already asking what am I doing…which is a good feeling but I have so far to go. This time I plan to get healthier than I ever have before!!! I lost 30 pounds with the help of P90X, Insanity and Shakeology!!! Through this I have become very passionate and knowledgeable about the products. looking forward to this journey because I will not go back to the unhealthy me I used to be!!

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