Chris Gets Shredded!

Chris has an awesome story and is definitely worthy of our RIPPED RESULTS gallery!!! He started out with P90, stepped it up to P90X and got his nutrition on track with Shakeology. Check it out! Even his wife got in on the results action!


Chris’ story in his own words:

My name is Chris Garrett and in October of 2009 I turned 29 years old in the worst shape of my life!  My wife (Tekoa) and I were overweight, tired, weak, and had little respect for our bodies.  We ate horribly, lived a sedentary lifestyle and had no intentions of changing that lifestyle. We were embarrassed by how we looked and never felt good about ourselves, but were too lazy to do anything about it.  With heart disease prominent in my family I knew I needed to do something.  I never got to meet one of my grandfathers because he died before I was born due to a heart attack.  I dealt with Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy so on top of having no energy due to being out of shape and overweight… I was ALWAYS tired.  You could pretty much consider me a walking zombie.  I often had to take naps in my car during my breaks at work because I could not stay awake.

Some friends of ours kept posting on Facebook about their P90X journey.  It got me wondering, “What the heck is P90X??”  I started doing research on it and decided it was going to be a little too intense for my wife and I to start with first.  I wanted to start with something a little easier so I would be encouraged to keep going and not get scared after the first few days, so we chose the older, less intense program, Power 90!  Until that day I had no intention of getting healthy or to get in shape.  It was an impulse buy.  I surprised my wife and told her what I bought and her immediate thought was “Crap… we spent money on this… now we HAVE to do it!” LOL.  This by far was the best impulse purchase we have ever made!

By the end of the first week of Power 90 Tekoa had lost 7 pounds and I had lost 10 pounds and our energy and stamina increased dramatically!  This was the motivation we needed to keep pushing “PLAY” for the rest of the 90 days.  Power 90 gave us AMAZING results.  In 100 days I lost 59 pounds (230# to 171#) and 28.5 inches and dropped my body fat percentage from 30.3% to 16.5%!  Tekoa lost 31 pounds and dropped her body fat percentage from 31% to 21.2%!

As we worked through the Power 90 program, we were seeing great results and we both wanted to try Shakeology, so I signed up as a Coach for the discount…initially. As friends, family and coworkers saw how drastically we were transforming our lives, we began sharing Beachbody, Power 90 and Shakeology. Our passion for helping others achieve similar success was ignited and Tekoa signed up as a Coach – and we’ve never looked back!

Losing all that weight cured my Sleep Apnea and Shakeology has helped me overcome my Narcolepsy with all the energy it gives me!  I no longer take any medication!  We have since completed round 1 of P90X and WOW… again… the results were AMAZING!  I am now 168 Pounds and I dropped my body fat percentage from 16.5% to 8%!!  Everyday I am amazed with my new fitness and strength capabilities.  I am more flexible and can do things I have never been able to do before.  My physique is something I never could have imagined.  It is hard to imagine that just in a mere 6 months of commitment I was able to go from obese to ripped.  It is simply incredible!

The Coach opportunity is not about the money for us – it’s about the ability to do something we enjoy and most of all, the chance to guide others to a healthy lifestyle and provide inspiration and motivation along the way. The money is just an added bonus!

Thanks to the guidance of my up-line coaches, Tekoa and I continue to build our Coach business. The support tools, training and information shared between our fellow Team Beachbody Coaches have made it easier to transform not just our bodies, but our lives…and to help others do the same!

I am now 30 years old and am in the BEST shape of my life!  I first want to say “Thank You” to my beautiful wife for encouraging me and holding me accountable and for our 1 year old daughter who has been very patient with me as I work out in her play area! LOL.  I also want to thank my Beachbody Coach (Wayne) for being a huge inspiration to me to know what is truly possible with Team Beachbody and everything they offer.  I strive for his amazing success with his fitness, nutrition and coaching! Visit Chris @

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