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One of the things I loved about having Anna in my challenge groups was her consistency. I could always count on her being there, being one of the first of the day to post that she had finished her workout…one of the first to post her snacks or meals. She was and continues to be a wonderful motivator on our team and I am so excited to have her share her results with everyone today! Amazing workout Anna, really! You earned every lost inch and pound, and every definition gained!

I dont want to tell her whole story for her, so I am going to let her tell you in her own words below:

aj_1My weight loss journey started in early 2013. I took a look at one of my vacation photos and that was it. I was very upset for letting it go that far. I’ve always tried to work out and watch what I eat, but when I went back to school, as a mom with a full time job, it all went out the window. The late nights spent studying didn’t make it easy to get up earlier in the morning to work out and, being busy keeping up with the house, family and work, junk food was the best option. Once I was done with school, along my web designer certificate I got 45 extra lbs! I was using all the excuses in the book, I kept telling my husband “I just can’t lose weight anymore”, “I think it has to do with being older”, but in reality I wasn’t even trying! Then I took a look at my pictures from our trip in 2012 and that was it! I was so upset for letting it go that far, I was NOT happy with what I was seeing, and I wasn’t happy with others either, being overweight made a negative person all around. So I decided that I could either keep going down that road, but I told myself that I wasn’t allowed to keep wining about it, or start doing something to change that path. So I went on a diet, and this time stuck with it. It was hard in the beginning, being used to eat anything under the sun that looked good. But I pushed thru temptation and the pounds started to come off. I started to run again, I had always enjoyed that prior to not having the time.

aj_3One day I was watching TV and saw that P90X had made all the way to P90X3! I had done P90X in the past and had some pretty good results, and loved Tony so I thought, why not! I got online and placed my order. LOVED it! The 30 minutes work out were a dream come thru, when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I would only have 10 minutes left to go so, I would push thru even harder and make it to the end. A month later I was looking online for the workout schedule and there it was right before my eyes, Coach Todd’s Ripped Club website, little that I knew, that changed it all for me! I emailed him asking for some advises on what to do after being done with P90X3, and that I’ve seen a little results but I would have liked to see more. He asked me how my nutrition was, I thought I was doing wonders! Ate very little, mostly veggies, how could I go wrong right?! Wrong! He introduced me to that MAGIC thing called macros, and its best bud MyFitnessPal. I couldn’t believe it the pounds were dropping like crazy. Even my husband couldn’t believe how much weight I was losing and how my body was changing, with the amount of food I was eating! I joined in one of Coach Todd’s online challenges and, I recommend it to anyone. You learn so much, and get motivation from all the other people. I made some pretty good friends with who I’m still friend till this day. Thru the Ripped Club community, I learned about Body Beast and decided that I wanted to make that my next work out. I had always been so afraid to lift weights, didn’t want to start looking like a men. After tons of reading on the matter, I learned how it’s actually really, really good for women to lift heavy weights. A lot of health benefits, with the added bonus of sculpting your body like I only thought was possible thru plastic surgery.

aj_2I learned a few things thru my journey, nutrition is indeed 80% of it. I always thought “I work super hard during the week, watch what I eat, never miss a work out, Friday thru Sunday I can eat whatever I please!” Wrong!! When Coach Todd told me that I needed to change that I thought “This man has lost his mind!” But then I tried during one of the online challenges and, so true, it may not seem like a big deal, but it does slow down progress in the long run. The other thing I learned is “Fail to plan, plan on failing” I always try to have a plan on what I will be doing, either it involves eating out, working out, or have a “free” nutrition day.
I’ve come pretty far but the journey is not over and, if we want to be successful, it needs to be a lifestyle change. I don’t plan on losing much more weight, my plan going forward is to keep the weight off and keep adding definition. I’ve come to LOVE Body Beast and plan on keep lifting with the Beast, probably just adjust the schedule a bit more to fit my personal needs. I plan on doing Insanity Max 30 right after the Holidays, and keep lifting at night. I will always be part of the Ripped Club, I’ve learned TONS from Coach Todd and it’s such a great network of AMAZING people.

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