Scott Does Some Sculpting

Scott has been one of the most consistent team members that I have ever had and his results prove it! He pushes play no matter what, does the daily challenges in our challenge groups no matter what, and sticks to his nutrition no matter what. He is a shining example of what commitment and hard work will produce when combined with RIPPEDCLUB activities 🙂 Check out his results below!

Scott's P90X3 Results


Here is Scott’s story in his own words:

When I got into my late thirties, I started working more and exercising less. During this time I managed to put on 35 pound. I didn’t feel good about how I looked. It really hit me while looking at some pictures of the family vacation at the beach. I didn’t like what I was seeing and it was time to do something about it. I wanted to make sure that I’m always there for my family and to be a positive role model for my two boys. I needed something fresh and new that would be able to fit into my schedule. I don’t have a lot of extra time in the day, so I knew that P90X3 would be the right program for me. I absolutely love it!!!

I have completed my first round of P90X3. The 90 days absolutely flew by. I can’t say enough about this program and how it has changed my life. I have looked several times at doing P90X, but, never pulled the trigger due to the time needed to commit. The X3 30 minute workouts have been great for my busy schedule. I have been 100% committed since day one with my nutrition and workouts. I didn’t miss a workout in the 90 days and even did the optional workout (Dynamix) on the day off. I stuck to my nutrition plan and only allowed myself only 2 or 3 cheats during the 90 days. Shakeology has replaced the fast food and donuts for breakfast. The first two weeks were tough. I puked after my workout on day 1 and thought I was going to a few other times as well. I also needed to use the pause button several times to catch my breath during the workouts. After a few weeks I started using the pause button less often and felt energized after the workout instead of fatigued. I was 12lbs lighter going into block 2 and really got excited about working out every day. The pause button didn’t need to be used most days and I could feel myself getting stronger. By the time I started block 3, I was addicted to working out every morning and couldn’t wait to start my day by pushing play. A vital tool to keep me motivated and accountable has been the challenge groups. I look forward every day to posting my progress and reading about other people’s journey.

After 90 days of 9P0X3, I’ve lost 30lbs and 11% body fat. I have gone from very tight fitting 36” pants to a 32”. My push-ups increased by 31 and my pull-ups by 12. My confidence is back, my mood has improved, I have a ton on energy and I’m loving life. My friends and family are blown away with my results and are surprised to learn that I got them from only spending 30 minutes a day working out in my basement. I feel that this program has changed me forever. I push play every day, track my nutrition and feel amazing. I owe a special thanks to my wife, two boys and Coach Todd for their daily support and encouragement during this journey. Now it’s time for round two!

If you want to learn more about joining one of our monthly challenge groups, just like Scott did…email me at!

Congrats on the success Scott! Proud to have you on the team my friend!

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