Proteion Bars For Fat Loss

There are a crap ton of protein bars out their, and when I say “crap”…thats exactly what I mean! So much of what is available is full of sugar, fillers, and low quality ingredients.

Below is what I have found to be two of the best tasting/quality protein bars that fit perfectly into your fat shredder diet! All that tuna and chicken can get old real quick and these two protein bars are my #1 choice to mix things up without busting your macros for the day!



What to Look for in a Protein Bar

As I explain in the video above, here are some of the things that I look for when choosing a protein bar:

#1 – Less than 8g of sugar: I never buy a bar that has more than 8g of sugar. A lot of these meal replacement bars that you see on the grocery store shelves have 30g+ of sugar per bar. If you are looking to cut fat, this will NOT help you in any way what so ever! You want your sugars coming from natural sources such as fruit. Plus, all that sugar adds to the carbs of the bar.

Sugar alcohols are okay, but some people do get a little upset stomach, bloating, or gasiness from the sugar alcohols, so just listen to your body on that one.

#2 – Protein Blend: What I DONT want to see is any type of soy being the primary source of protein in the bar. Whey protein, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate…these are all good sources! Just stay away from soy…to much hormonal stuff there: bad for men, bad for women.

#3 – Protein Content: At minimum I want 15g of protein per bar. You see all kinds of diet bars that talk about high protein…they even put the word “protein” on the box, but when you check the nutrition facts, all you are getting is 6g of lameness…If you want to cut fat, then you need high protein sources that are worth the calories!


What’s Your Favorite Bar?

Post your comments below and let us know what bar you like best. I have not tried em all, so I would love to hear your experience!


Coach Todd



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