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The Hidden Cost Of P90X - What they DONT tell you will have to buy | RIPPEDCLUB

The Hidden Cost Of P90X

The Hidden Cost Of P90X


In my opinion the $120 you have to dish out for P90X is quite the bargain.

An even better deal if you go with the P90X challenge pack and get your Shakeology with it as well. You end up saving about $55!

Consider what you are getting…

  • 12 workouts designed by an elite trainer
  • you dont have to pay gym fees
  • you dont have to be embarrassed about your performance
  • you get a fitness guide to show you how to do it right
  • you get a nutrition guide that is wicked awesome
  • you get the support of me (coach Todd) Click Here to make me your free coach if you havent 🙂
  • and you get the support of our entire team…RIPPEDCLUB!

Now put that up against the cost of a gym membership, personal trainer, nutritionist, and the time you would have to travel to a from the gym…P90X is a no brainer for me.


But then there is the hidden cost of P90X

what is the hidden cost of P90X?

Equipment and Supplements.

I hate to say it but its true. There are some additional items that you are going to want in order to maximize your results with P90X.

I am not going to cover them in depth, because I have covered them elsewhere on my blog here. But if you want to do your research (which you should), then be sure to check out the nutrition zone for supplement info and then check out my video on what I use for P90X equipment.

I dont like to look at these cost as expenses, but more of an investment.

Think about it…

You are spending money on equipment and nutritional supplements that are going to help you achieve your goal and literally add years to your life.

You cant put a price tag and time.


The Super Secret Cost Of P90X That I Discovered!

This one nobody talks about for some reason.

When I started P90X I wore a size 38 waist pants. Then I wore a 36…then a 34…then a 32…

Are you hearing the cash register?

I wore a size 16 34/35 shirt, then it was 15-1/2 34/35…then 15 32/33…

I swear to you that I probably gave away almost $1000 in clothing because I had lost so much weight!

So if you are looking to buy an entirely new wardrobe, then just do P90x and follow the nutrition plan!

Your clothes will begin to fall off and you will have no choice but to buy more.



I hope you get to go on that shopping trip soon!

Be sure to share your experience below in the comments with your hidden cost of P90X!

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Todd, Great info. One thing to help offset the hidden cost of this program, or any other beachbody program, is to sell your old stuff/gear/clothing on craigslist or ebay. You won't make all your money back, however you can lessen the blow financially by doing this...just a thought, Thomas