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Should I Start Over? - When you quit P90X... | RIPPEDCLUB

Should I Start Over

My Coach just wrote this article and I wanted to share it with you guys because he addresses a questions that most of us have had to ask and found ourselves lost in answering. Make sure you read the article below because it is packed full of value!!!


Pick Up Or Start Over

By: Wayne Wyatt

Original Post: http://teamripped.com/pick-up-or-start-over

You’re about a month into P90X or Insanity and something BIG happens. No excuses here… real life happens. You get injured and need surgery. You get really ill and are laid up for a week. A loved one passes away and life is turned upside down. These are real reasons your fitness journey may get stalled. If you can work through these challenges that is best, but there may be extenuating circumstances that force you to take a break. Don’t beat yourself up.  This is a lifetime journey, not a sprint.  Take care of life, and then get back to it.

But, what do you do now? Do you pick up where you left off, or start over?

That is one of those questions that I get asked a lot that I really can’t answer for you. These are questions that come down to your personal outlook and drive. If put in the same spot, I could make the decision for myself. But my decision my not be the same as yours. What I have come up with are some considerations to help you focus and decide what choice to make!

How long have you had to take off? – If you only missed a day, you need to keep going. Make the changes so that doesn’t happen again, but you are no worse off if you keep your nutrition in line. If you missed a week, and ate poorly, that might be a good indicator that you should start over. This might not be a lifestyle change yet and the extra time will be needed to get back into the program and finish strong. You will feel fantastic knowing you did 90 days and gave it everything you had! Also, the longer you are away from training, the more strength and endurance you’ll lose. If you are completely off for 2 weeks, you shouldn’t expect to be right where you left off physically.

Where are you in the program? – If you are on Day 83, I would tell you to finish your round (feeling proud about your accomplishment!) and then start fresh for an uninterrupted 90. If you are on day 6, you probably haven’t built enough of a base yet. I would start over and know that I can now focus 100% on doing the full 90 days. When you are right in the middle, you have to weigh out both sides. Do I want a complete, uninterrupted 90?

How will you feel when you finish if you keep going? – Finally, there is your personal response. Are you going to feel good about what you just did? If you took a break and it’s because of more excuses than real reasons, then will you say that you truly completed a round? If you know you gave it everything you had for 90 days, but you had to be sidelined, feel proud! That is amazing accomplishment. You need to be fine with whichever choice you make.

It comes down to this — will you be okay with how you finished?  Either way, it is up to you. Use these considerations to make the call. If it was completely out of your control, you need to pick yourself up and get going. Just don’t be disappointed. Round 2 starts today! BRING IT!!

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