If you have been through at least half a round of P90X, by now the phrase BRING IT has began to surface in your casual conversations. Your family and friends are getting annoyed when you BRING IT mowing the lawn and BRING IT doing the dishes…If you understand what it means to BRING IT, then you are ahead of the curve and are a part of an elite group of fitness minded freaks…..WE ARE P90X WARRIORS!….Okay that was weird, lol.

In reality though, when you understand the concept of BRING IT and apply its principals to your workouts everyday, your results will put to shame anyone who doesnt share this same mentality. When you joined RIPPEDCLUB, I told you that it was not for the half-hearted; that I expected commitment and passion! That involves not only a commitment to just doing the workouts, but doing the workouts with intensity. I wanted to go over a few ways that you can be sure you are committing to BRING IT everyday in your workouts.


  1. Maximum Reps – You have heard Tony say it in the videos “If you want some size dont be doin 11, 12, 15 reps. You should be doin 6, 7, 8 and 8, 9, and 10 but those last three gotta be TOUGH!” Whether your goal is to gain size in the 8-10 rep range or get long lean muscle in the 12-15 rep range, the rule of maximum reps applies to both. You should be maxing out in one of those ranges depending on your goal. If you goal is size and you are able to do 11 reps, its time to bump up the weight. Thats how you BRING IT with intensity and that is what gets results. When you are doin push ups and pull ups, your success comes during that last rep where you cant push yourself up anymore and when you can only pull yourself half way up…Maximum reps gets you maximum results.
  2. Push Past the Pain – Often times, people stop waaaaay before they should because “it hurts too bad”….really…REALLY??? You are doin P90X and complaining about it hurting??? Push stop and go buy a Richard Simmons workout, lol. This morning I was doing one legged wall squats (OUCH!) Now I could have taken a rest and put both feet on the floor, but I kept telling myself that the pain will only last a few more seconds. Now is that short amount of pain worth athletic excellence…I say absolutely! If true peak physical fitness was easy, everyone would be fit. But peak physical fitness is only achieved by people who recognize the reward and are willing to push past the pain.
  3. Target Heart Rate (THR) – When you hit a cardio circuit hard, you want be sure of one thing: Your target heart rate or (THR). Why is this important? Training below your THR will not be intense enough to burn sufficient calories or improve your cardiovascular fitness; while training above your THR means you’re working anaerobically (no oxygen) and therefore the exercise is ineffective. Here is how you calculate your THR:
  • Calculate your Maximum Heart Rate (220-Age)
  • Determine Your fitness level below and operate within the percentages of your Maximum Heart Rate.
  • Beginner or low fitness level: 50% to 60%
  • Intermediate or average fitness level: 60% to 70%
  • Advanced or high fitness level: 75% to 85%

I want you to watch this video about achieving success and ask yourself this question: HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT??? Are you willing to push play everyday and not only just push play, but BRING IT? BRING IT beyond the pain? Your results will be directly linked to your level of intensity.


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