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Never Say CANT! - 3 Steps To Eliminating Self-Doubt | RIPPEDCLUB

Never Say CANT! – 3 Steps To Eliminating Self-Doubt


My Grandma is a phenomenal woman and when it comes to eliminating self-doubt, she has the perfect medicine! I can remember about 15 years ago when I was in middle school, she had purchased the trailer next to her and had completely gutted it to remodel and rent it out. She hired me for $5 an hour to help her on the weekends. I think she just wanted to teach me some life lessons because the one thing I took away from those 5 weekends was not how to install a toilet or lay down linoleum. I took away this one simple phrase, “Never Say CANT!”

It rings through my brain every time I feel something is too difficult or impossible to achieve. I swear that woman used voodoo or something to plant it inside my head. Or maybe I was just a giant complainer and she had to say it 5000 times….I’ll stick with the voodoo for now. But have you ever told yourself or been told that you CANT? Has someone ever had to do you the favor of bringing you back down to earth? Well I say that its no favor at all. In fact its a huge measure of disrespect and judgement for someone to tell you that you “cant” achieve something. And for you to believe them is just as absurd! So lets tackle this menace by taking a look at 3 simple Steps To Eliminating Self-Doubt that will propel you into success and achievement.


#1 – External Influences – Eliminating Self-Doubt

It is a well known fact by successful people that your thinking and resulting success is determined by the 5 people you surround yourself with the most. Think about these 5 people in your life right now. Go ahead and imagine telling them that you want to lose 50, 60, 75 pounds. Tell them you are going to get absolutely shredded and in the best shape of your life. Tell them you are going to be a six-figure income earner some day. How do they react? Do they react with negativity and try and bring you back to reality, or do they give you the extra nudge in the direction you want to go?

Sadly, more often than not the response is negative. The reality of it is that people who tell you it cannot be done almost always are unsuccessful people, are strictly average or mediocre at best in terms of accomplishment. The opinions of these people can be poison. Make no mistake about it, birds of a feather do flock together and if you surround yourself with these types of people, then you will begin to think like them.

Now how would I react if you told me you wanted to lose 50 pounds? Would I laugh and say “thats impossible”. Frick no! I acheived it myself so I know that its just as possible for you to have the same success. Now I dont want you going around and turning your back on ever person that has ever said anything negative to you, but you need to build a defense against this negative poison and accept it only as a challenge that you CAN do it! This is why I stress that its so important to stay plugged in to our RIPPEDCLUB facebook group, or be sure you are part of a challenge group. When your thinking changes…your results change. If your thinking says “I CAN” and the people you associate with say “You CAN” then you are far more likely to turn that thought  into “I WILL!”. Success starts in the mind gang.


#2 – Stop Comparing Yourself – Eliminating Self-Doubt

This is something that I continue to struggle with. I look at someone who I think got amazing results or has achieved the type of success that I want and I begin to get discouraged since I havnt “arrived” there yet. We are all on the same journey with our health and fitness, but if you go around comparing yourself with the dude who is in his 42nd round of P90X and can do push-ups with his tongue…then of course that thought of “I cant” creeps its fugly head back in the door! You should never compare yourself to someone else when it comes to results. You dont know how long it took them in most cases. You dont know what obsticles they had to overcome. And I know this is true because it jogs through my mind, but I end up asking myself “why is it so easy for them?”, or, “why am I not there yet?”. These comparisons will only slow your progress. Focus on what you know you need to do to get where you want to be and my grandma wont have to come over and talk to you!


#3 – You Gotta Have a Reason – Eliminating Self-Doubt

You gotta have a reason why you are doing all this hard work! Its called your “why”. Why are you committing to eating healthy? Why are you committing to workout out every single day “You nut job, thats impossible! Nobody has time for that!” When you dig deep down inside and establish “why” you are doing what you are doing, you are going to find a source of motivation that you wouldnt beleive. For some people its “I want to get off my blood pressure meds”. For others its “I have never been able to take my shirt off without embarrassment” Find out what your “why” is and those thoughts of “I Cant” get drowned out by the sound of your success!

I will go ahead and share with you my “why”. I wanted to get in shape because I wanted to take care of the body I had been blessed with. I only get this one and how silly it would be for me not to take care of something that I only get one shot with. Also, I want to set a good example for my kids. Part of that goes into nutrition, but also I wanted to set an example of what an “active” father was. I play with my kids!!! And now I have the energy to do so instead of turning on the TV and ploppin my fatty cakes on the couch for 4 hours after work.

Get a WHY!


Final Thoughts with Grandma

When it comes to Eliminating Self-Doubt, I want you guys to be proactive on this. Make a conscious effort to keep your mind in check so that you dont go around thinking that you cant, when in fact the only limitation to what you can achieve begins with your own thoughts. My grandma is now 83 years old. She walks 3 miles every single morning at 5:00am; rain, snow, sleet, or clear skies. The last time I went out to her house a few weeks ago she had installed french doors off the back of her bedroom and built a sunroom outside those french doors….by herself!!! 83 years old! Dont tell me that you CANT! If you say I cant, all I hear is “I WONT”. NEVER SAY CANT!

I know how easy it is to lose track of your goals when you have everyone telling you that you will fail. Be sure you “share the knowledge” below on Facebook and Twitter and let people know that there IS something they can do to fight self-doubt and achieve anything they can think of! Be sure to reply in the comments section below as well and share your success and how you overcame your obstacles!!!


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