The Snowball Effect

So many people are shocked when I tell them that I NEVER miss a workout, and that I NEVER cheat on my nutrition.  To me, this is just what I do.  Its not shocking to me.  I have decided that my health and my fitness are worth the effort and I have also decided that missing a workout or cheating on my nutrition are not worth the consequences.  There is something that happens mentally when you have this mindset of 100% commitment.  You build momentum, or a Snowball Effect.

One of my greatest health and fitness failures in the 4 years of owning P90X was that every time I skipped a workout, I ended up quitting within one week of that skipped workout.  The same went for my nutrition.  As soon as I allowed myself to hit the drive thru at Carl’s Jr., I was justified in eating more cheat meals with the mentality of “well, I already screwed up lunch, might as well indulge again for dinner”.  I developed an attitude that could never promote or sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Having 100% commitment to your workouts and nutrition builds momentum or like I said before, a snowball effect.  As that snowball continues on its path down the hill, it gains even more momentum and speed which is what will enable you to develop the habits of living a healthy lifestyle.  When that momentum is broken by skipping workouts and having cheat meals, it will become that much harder to gain what motivation and momentum you had prior to the poor health choice.  I have learned that people who are truly successful in anything in life make decision every day that accumulate to success.  If you want to be successful, you need to make the DAILY decisions that will lead to success.  This is what builds your snowball…and once it gets to a certain point…you cant stop that snowball!

I have built up so much momentum in the last few months, that I have a hard time thinking about missing a workout or having a cheat meal.  The decision to commit daily to healthy choices has become so much a part of my fiber, that to do otherwise would be more difficult than actually doing my workouts, lol.  And I BRING IT, so you know its difficult, lol.  Every morning I get up around 5:00-5:30 am.  Its not easy all the time, but I know that if I keep that snowball rolling down the hill, its going to be that much more difficult to stop it!!!

And a word of caution.  Lots of people out there will try and bring you down too.  When they find out that you dont skip workouts and wont have a piece of their birthday cake…best put on your battle armor.  I have had people who actually get angry after finding out that I wont skip my workouts and get offended that I wont eat their food choices.  “Everything in moderation” they say with a sarcastic tone.  What happens when people find out about your commitment is that they are convicted about their own choices.  It shows them that healthy and fit living is obtainable and it also tells them that they are not making the right choices.  They feel guilty and will try and bring you down to prove to themselves that their own lifestyle is okay.  But we know better!!!

Here are a few tips to help you get the snowball rolling and keep it rolling:

  1. PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail.  This is essential in making sure your momentum is sustained.  When you plan your workouts, you are much more likely to do them…simple.  In addition, don’t put exercise time in a place where it will easily be pushed aside by something more important. Right after work or first thing in the morning are often good places to put it. Lunch-hour workouts might be too easy to skip if work demands start occurring.
  2. MAKE SURE ITS FUN! – If you don’t enjoy yourself it is going to be hard to keep it a habit. There are thousands of ways you can move your body and exercise, so don’t give up if you’ve decided lifting weights or doing crunches isn’t for you. I would be glad to help you pick out a program you will love!
  3. FOOD VARIETY – There are so many quick fix diet out there that would have you eating the same thing everyday.  If that works for you…great.  For a majority of the people, that isnt the case.  You not only need variety in your diet so that you dont get board, but you need the variety to make sure you are also getting a variety of nutrients.  That is why Shakeology is so great.  It has everything your body needs to operate at 100% efficiency.  I have also created a video on my the RIPPEDCLUB YouTube channel that shows you EXACTLY what I buy when I go to the grocery store.  This video will take a lot of the confusion out of shopping trips when looking for foods that fit into your P90X nutrition plan.  You can watch that video HERE.

So what if you have lost that momentum?  You were hittin the workouts with intensity and BRINGIN IT everyday, but somehow, you fell off the wagon.  Get back in the game!!!  You can do it!  You know you can because you have had the momentum before!  This time take the steps to ensure that snowball stays in motion!  Tell someone your commitment. Write down your commitment and what its going to take to achieve it!  Do everything you can to make sure you have the best opportunity to succeed!



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