Should I Do P90X2 Before P90X3?

should i do p90x2 before p90x3No doubt the question, “Should I do P90X2 before P90X3?” has been coming up with the release of P90X3. Our minds are drawn to order and we see the number 2…wait…that comes BEFORE the number 3…I CANT DO P90X3 YET!!!

LOL, this is absolutely NOT the case where 2 has to come before 3…Think about why P90X was created. There were tons of people who would go to the gym and were sick and tired of not getting results. They hated the commute to the gym, they hated the meat-headed atmosphere…whatever the case may be, people wanted change!

If you look at some of the people who did P90X and by all means could have used the excuse, I cant do P90X – like Richard Neil, Tommy Mygrant, and Jeremy YostThey still pushed play everyday and got phenomenal results! Technically, they should not have been able to do P90X and I personally would not have recommended that they start with that fitness program. But they wanted extreme…they modified…they made it work for THEM against all odds!

…so what does this tell us about P90X3? The questions still remains, Should I do P90X2 before P90X3? First though, lets address some key points before getting into that!



Should I Do P90X2 Before P90X3 – What is P90X3?

P90x3 is NOT P90X and its NOT P90X2…The reason P90X has been such a success is because its doable even though its hard. Anyone can jump in and modify the exercises to fit their own ability. You have the success of muscle confusion, the support of the P90X nutrition plan and of course, your team beachbody coach (ME!) CLICK HERE <– if I’m not your free coach yet!

Then you take a look at P90X2 which is sort of a graduate program for people who have completed P90X. You will NOT be able to complete P90X2 effectively if you are not in okay physical shape…the moves are just too demanding. While P90X2 does offer some of the most dramatic results, they are built upon the foundation that P90X lays. And a lot of people saw all the medicine balls, stability balls, crazy upside down pull-ups and just said…no thanks!

The short answer to “What is P90X3”, is that P90X3 is about getting the most done in the least amount of time! Each workout only lasts 30 minutes from buzzer to buzzer. Whats really neat is that recent research is showing that a bulk of your results that you get, regardless of how long you workout…is in the first 30 minutes! On top of the new time-frame of these workouts in comparison to P90X or P90X2, you are going to see some NEW style of workouts like:

  • Pilates
  • Isometrics
  • MMX (MMA style workout)

Basically what P90X3 has done is taken what we know to work well from P90X, P90X2, and added some new things to that to keep it fresh and motivating. But each workout can be modified as well! You cant touch your toes in yoga…touch your shins. You cant do full, unassisted pull-ups…grab a chair. You can do standard push-ups…drop to your knees. P90X3 is still about finding what works best for you…just in less time!


So…Should I Do P90X2 Before P90X3?

NO! I would say that if you have never done the first P90X, then P90X3 is PERFECT for you! So many of us have seen P90X and are demotivated by that 65-90 minute timer on the screen…Well, now you can get a bulk of the same results that P90X and P90X2 offers in a fraction of the time!

P90X3 is not about how many pull-ups you can do right now, or how many push-ups you can do right now. P90X3 is not a program that you need to graduate into like you would with P90X2. P90X3 is for the seasoned fitness vet and wants to be challenged, as well as the stay at home mom who has no time to get to the gym and is just starting her fitness journey.


Have you done P90X or P90X2? Post in the comments below and let us know your thoughts about P90X3 in comparison to P90X or P90X2.


Now its time to BRING IT once more & inspire others to do the same!

Coach Todd


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