Not Losing Weight With 21 Day Fix

One of the most frustrating aspects of 21 Day Fix is NOT losing weight with 21 Day Fix!!!

There a a number of factors that are at play that could be causing this…I cant explain why you still want to punch Autumn Calabrese in the face though – what did she do to you??? Gee-wiz!

Check out the video below and see if one or more of these 5 reasons your not losing weight with 21 Day Fix might apply to your journey. Also, while you’re watching the video, if you find the answer you’re looking for that you think could make a difference in your results, be sure to share this post, because no doubt, other people are looking for the same answer you found!



If you want to hop to a subject that you think might be specific to the reason for not seeing the results you want, just hop to this time marker in the video

  1. 0:55 Evil Evil Cortisol
  2. 1:44 Too Little Calories
  3. 2:41 Not Challenging Yourself
  4. 3:15 Specificity of Adaptation
  5. 5:33 Your Getting More Fit

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