Home Fitness – 7 Things I Dont Miss About Going To The Gym

Home fitness is one of those things that you either love or love to hate. Your a “gym rat” or one of those “PX90-er’ something freaks”. Now I used to love the gym and its an awesome place to get in shape if you have the time and the right frame of mind (different subject). On the other hand if you dont have the time and like to stank up in the privacy of your own home, then a home fitness program is much more practical. Home fitness for me just works…It fits my schedule since the work outs are only 1 hour a day max. It fits my preference: Extreme, challenging, bash your face in if you mess up type stuff. And it fits my budget: I paid $120 for P90X 6 years ago…Over the course of that six years I would have paid anywhere from $4320-$8640 @ $30-$60 per month for a gym membership.

Anyway. As much as I enjoyed the gym, home fitness is just a better fit for me. I thought it might be fun to reminisce though about the 7 things I DONT miss about going to the gym. Let me know if you can relate in the comments below!


#1 – “Dude! Wipe It Up”

I could not STAND IT when people would leave a workout station and not wipe off their nasty sweaty mess. Back sweat, butt sweat, head sweat, hand sweat. If you are looking to do a science experiment, just go sit on some gym equipment and grab a few dumbbells and lat bars and then checkout your fingers under a microscope. It’d probably be like a scene from the grimlins…things hatchin all over. Wipe up you toxic skin leakage and get some bleach while you’re at it!


#2 – “Can You Spot Me Bro?”

When I was at the gym I usually needed a spot since I was lifting pretty heavy. It never failed that when I asked someone to spot me, obviously it was a stranger and they didnt know my limits. I tell em, “4-6 reps man”, and after I bust out six reps on bench press, he is yellin at me to pump out one more. “That vein on your forehead was too distracting to pump out one more! I told you 4-6!!!” I DO NOT miss needing a spotter.


#3 – The Dancing Man Reveals All

At every gym I have ever been to there is always that one guy who dances while he does bicep curls er something. I will have to be honest…I do miss watchin fools like this. So I guess this shouldnt be on my list of things I Dont miss about going to the gym. But what I dont miss about the weird dancing dude is his spandex shorts! Our “weird dancing guy at the gym” had some spandex that showed….uh….what he was all about….Anyway, very awkward when you have to interrupt his dance dance revolution to ask for the dumbbells on the rack that his package is blocking.


#4 – The Bodybuilders

They smell like funky tanning oils. They yell when they pick up weights. They throw the weights and yell again. They yell with each rep. They carry giant gym bags to each station full of whole legs of lamb to make sure they get their protein every 45 seconds. They take 20 minutes to rack up a weight bar and 40 minutes to un-rack it while they talk about how awesome the club was last night. Their entourage thinks they are just as bad-ass as their IFBB Pro buddy. And they walk funny…Just sayin.


#5 – The After work Rush

Good luck getting on an elliptical, stair-stepper, treadmill, or bike anywhere between the hours of 4:30pm and 6:30pm! The only option left by that time is the cart wheel machine or the machine that is so disgustingly soaked in someones sweat, that no amount of disinfectant or wiping down will be of use. My cardio is way cooler now anyway – its practical! Not to mention every single channel on the TV’s are controlled by the bodybuilders doin their cardio while they watch food network. Meanwhile all the people around them are crying watching Paula Deen whip up some deep fried chili cheese fry lasagna with cheesey-cheesey sauce on top.


#6 – The Meat Market

I know a lot of people go to the gym to get fit and healthy, but holy crap…It has got to be the biggest meat market ever! There is the one dude who cant take his eyes off himself and is really only there to pick up chicks. Any then there are the ladies that are their to see how little clothing they can wear without getting kicked out of the gym for indecent exposure. So glad I dont have to deal with all those women asking me how I got so ripped…lol juuuuuuuust kidding!


#7 – The Smellies

Thats right, the smellies. The people who smell like Indian food and burnt hair (lets see who gets that), or they smell like a half eaten whopper from Burger King thats been in your back seat on a day when the weather man warns you about heat exhaustion. It aint right! That Old Spice guy is really funny! Is he not funny enough to make you want to buy some Old Spice deodorant??? I found him amusing, therefore I bought his product! Do us all a favor!


Well my rant is over. If you like the gym and its working for you; awesome. If you like the gym and it isnt working for you; try something new. If you could do without the gym atmosphere and all the coolness that goes with being there, home fitness just might be the bag of tricks that whips you into wicked awesome shape! Dont hate just because we P90Xers get a six pack puttin in the work in our living rooms. You dont need all those fancy machines that isolate the 3rd lateral domiscuz dorsi muscle. What you need is something that is effective and gets you results! So Git Some!

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