Matt’s Transformation

Matt got some phenomenal 90 day results with P90X and his youtube video view count is the proof, lol! Check it out for yourself!


Here is Matt’s story in his own words:

When I was younger I played up to four different sports in one season, I played high school soccer and baseball and eventually played college baseball for Ohio Dominican University so I know what it means to have dedication and a commitment.  Your new goals will require you to have that same level of dedication to both your workouts and more importantly your nutrition.  The nutrition will make up about 80% of your results and I’m not lying, spend the time in the kitchen, it will make it all worth while.

Before I entered the realm of P90X my nutrition and fitness were terrible.  My fitness included activities such as yard work and the occasional baseball game.  My nutrition was even worse.  I could easily crush a 2 liter of Mt. Dew in one day and I actually did that quite frequently.  I ate fast food at least once a day, ordering some type of value meal and don’t forget to make it a large.  My wife is an extremely busy person, she works a full time job and between that and our horse she has many late nights.  That left me to fend for myself on meals.  My solution….Burger King, McDonalds, and Wendy’s.  I’ll have a # 1 please!  I thought that was alright considering I’m a young guy, 27 years old.  What I didn’t really notice was how much my body was starting to change, and not for the better. I was 18.5% body fat weighing in at 178 pounds on day 1.  I ended up losing 15 pounds in 90 days bringing me to 163 pounds and 6.5% body fat.  I haven’t looked this good in my entire life. I haven’t had a soda since Feb 1st 2011 and I am extremely proud of myself.  Soda or pop depending on where you’re from was my vice.

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