Ever since Brian reached out to me and I helped him get his nutrition in line, he has never deviated from the narrow road to success. He has rocked T25 with the best results I have seen anyone get out of that program! One of the biggest reasons for Brian’s success was his constant accountability with himself and the two RIPPEDCLUB BLITZ CHALLENGE groups he has been a part of. He is always posting encouraging material and has a consistent presence in the group. Its interesting, but I have found that the most successful members of our team are those who are the most active in our challenge groups…I think its time more people made that connection 🙂

I could not be more proud of Brian and I have big hopes for him as he has entered his results into the Beachbody Challenge. I have no doubt he is going to win some cash for all his hard work!

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Anywho…Check out Brians results and his story below!


before & after Brian T25Haha where to start….I let myself go while I was laid off looking for work. I ate anything and everything. After I found work again it didn’t stop.. i was always getting things out of the machines at work. My fav was a Suzy Q. I ate probably 3 or four a night on top of my l lunch. I ballooned up to 207 lbs and mind you I’m only 5’5 and was getting ready to hit a 38 waist.

One afternoon I was getting ready to leave for work, I sat down in a chair bent over to tie my boots up and actually lost my breath… I couldn’t breathe. Right then I knew something had to change. I didn’t know the first thing about dieting, but the first 25 or so lbs I basically starved off. I ate one meal a day that was it. When I hit 175ish I no matter how little I ate I was stuck. No more weight was coming off no matter how little I ate. I knew something was going to have to change again and I always wanted to do the workout videos, and that’s when I found T25.

I did one round not paying much attention to nutrition and had so so results. My second round I was determined to learn all I could about eating right and sticking with it.

I started my second round googling and reading everything I could about what’s good for me and what isn’t. About 2 weeks into it I stumbled I read every article on nutrition that Todd had posted, clicked on the link to make him my coach, and joined the beach body community. Since then I have gave up all cheat meals, fast foods, sweets, sodas and tracking my macros religiously. At first it wasn’t easy pushing all that good down my throat, after all I wasn’t use  to it.

After I made Todd my coach and talked about my concerns, he introduced me to challenge groups. I have been in two challenge groups back to back and I owe all my results to Todd and rippedclub members for holding me accountable, pushing play every day, and being in the best shape of my life at 45 yrs old. I’m at 136 lbs today, one lb shy of my goal weight!


Amazing work my friend! If you feel like you have been missing something to get REAL RESULTS…Be sure to email me at so that we can see if getting you plugged into our next online challenge group is a right fit for you and your goals!

NOW ITS TIME TO BRING IT & Inspire Others To Do The Same!
Coach Todd


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