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P90X Equipment

I get a lot of questions about what equipment I use with P90X.  Well…here is my list:

  • P90X pull-up bar
  • All Pro weighted resistance bands (maximum tension)
  • My own body weight

Pretty simple huh!  A lot of people for some reason think you need all those fancy machines you see at the gym to get ripped, but that just isnt the case.  There is a saying to the effect of “The simplest answer is probably the right one”.  This is one of the reasons I love doing P90X, its so simple!

The P90X Pull-Up Bar is by far the best peice of equipment I own.  It has 12 hand positions with tons of possibilities for different styles of pull-ups.  I was actually very surprised at how sturdy this thing was too!  I weighed 228lbs, there was no way this thing was going to hold my weight, let alone handle me swinging and struggling from it.  The mounting system has 2 brackets that screw on the inside of the door header out of sight, and your body weight hold the bar firm in place.  There is a 300lb limit on it, so it does have its limits, but overall this bar has been key in my fitness success.  Here is a list of the pull-up excercises I do with P90X on this pull-up bar:  wide grip, close grip, standard grip, reverse grip, switch grip, corn cobs, and towel pull-ups.  Now these are just a few of the possibilities that P90X utilizes, but there are more.  Check out how the INSANITY-ASYLUM Program uses it!  Again, this was absolutely KEY in my success with P90X.

There are other options if you dont have the space or a doorway to put your pull-up bar in.  In the P90X workout videos, there is alway one person using resistance bands.  Now the bands need to be fastened above your head so that you are still working the same muscles as you would with a generic pull-up bar, you just wont get as much resistance as you would with your own body weight.  Thus you MAXIMIZE your results with the pull-up bar.

In addition to the P90X pull-up bar, I also used a set of All-Pro weighted resistance bands (maximum tension).  These can usually be found at most sporting goods stores for around $30.  Now these would not be my first choice for resistance training.  Free weights will without a doubt get you the best results possible, but because of budget constraints, I had to go with the resistance bands.  Dont get me wrong though, these things will still destroy you during any resistance workout!  Along with being a “maximum tension” band, it also has a 3lb weight in the handles.  To increase the tension, all you have to do is shorten the lenght of the band by stepping on it, or putting a loop in the band and step on that.  One thing I would caution you about though when using resistance bands, is that you need to check the band for tears before every workout.  I have snapped a few before during an over-head tricep extension and left some pretty sweet welts on my back.  Now this is not a discredit to the quality of All-Pro resistance bands, but they do wear out, and as you get stronger, you will need more and more tension. 

And my last tool for P90X…Me!  Your own body wight provides so much of the resistance when doing P90X.  No need for ab roll/rock/swivel machines.  Its called CALISTHENICS: A form of dynamic exercise consisting of a variety of simple, often rhythmical, movements, generally using minimal equipment or apparatus. They are intended to increase body strength and flexibility with movements such as bending, jumping, swinging, twisting or kicking, using only one’s body weight for resistance.  You wont find a more available peice of exercise equipment than yourself!  So what are you waiting for???  BRING IT!  And let me know if I can help!

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