Lose Fat Gain Muscle

lose fat gain muscle

Lose Fat Gain Muscle – Results Minded Actions

One of the most frustrating aspects of any change in lifestyle where the end results desired is to lose weight – is not seeing the scale move and the whole lose fat gain muscle thing always plays a role in that frustration.

I have people from RIPPEDCLUB emailing me quite frequently, frustrated that they have only lost 5lbs over the course of their first 30 days of P90X. I have people who dont lose a single pound AND I have even seen people gain weight slightly.

I completely understand why that can be frustrating, but when you have the mindset/goal of lose fat gain muscle, then you need to understand what factors you need to be looking at in order to measure your progress.


Why you want to lose fat gain muscle

Its important to first note that you need to have this goal of lose fat gain muscle for two reasons:

#1 – Excess body fat in any capacity is unhealthy. Notice that I said “excess body fat”. Your body does need fat in order to function properly, but excess body fat will only promote a slew of health risks. For men, an acceptable body fat level below 18% is desired for a somewhat healthy lifestyle. For women, less than 23% is desirable. Anything approaching the 35% and 40% body fat levels respectively is to be considered extremely hazardous to your health.

#2 – Muscle burns more calories! Numerous studies show that muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so you are going to want to focus on developing more muscle mass (dont let that word scare you ladies…you cant get bulky…your hormones wont allow it) and reduce fat to accelerate the fat loss process. Quality nutrition and regular exercise play the two largest roles in reaching you goal. And if you havent checked out the best way to acheive this…go here now.


Lose fat gain muscle – Factors to measure progress

Rather than focusing on what the scale reads as you measure of progress, you also need to understand that muscle weighs more than fat…Its that simple.

So what DO you use to measure your progress?

Here are 4 things that you can use to measure your success in your lose fat gain muscle journey to a new you!

  1. Body fat % – If this is decreasing, thats a good thing
  2. Mirror – If you can visibly see changes that are encouraging, stay focused on that
  3. Inches – If you are losing inches across your body, that a great indicator of progress
  4. Strength – If you can do more reps, lift more weight, last longer in cardio…that is progress!

But even with these factors for progress that you should be focusing on, if you are still not seeing results then you need to find out why in this article that I wrote on why you’re not seeing results.


What are your thoughts on the whole lose fat gain muscle struggle?

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