Not Getting Results With P90X

Its so exciting to see the results that you guys are getting and I cant tell you enough how proud I am of you! You are making a difference, not only in your own life, but whether you see it or not – you are influencing the people around you as well.

But some people are just as committed and are STILL not getting results with P90X – at least not the kind that they want or keep hearing about.

  • you press play every single day
  • your nutrition is right on
  • you havent cheated on your nutrition AT ALL
  • you even tried the doubles schedule
  • you even added additional physical activity

And you still arent seeing the results that you want at day 30 . . . even day 60 . . .



Why Am I Not Getting Results With P90X?

There are one of two scenerios here:

Scenario #1 – You are pushing play every single day, doing your workouts with crazy intensity and you THINK your nutrition is right on . . . So many people come to me asking why they are not getting results and when I ask about their nutrition they tell me, “oh ya I am eating super healthy”. When I dig a little deeper into that response and ask, “well, what is your daily calorie intake and macronutrient ratio at?”; I get a very confused and jumbled response.

If you you have not calculated your nutrition and are not tracking your nutrition with precision with the aid of a tool like, then you will not see the results . . . period! Ya, you might see some toning, maybe even a little weight loss – but nothing that has the wow factor of most P90X transformations.

If this is you, then RIGHT NOW, you need to go to the Nutrition Zone tab and go through every single step that I have set up for you and learn how to get serious with your eating. You want to eat in a way that works FOR YOU and not against you – which is why eating with precision is so important in getting results with P90X. Especially dramatic results.


Scenario #2 – You are pushing play every single day, also do your workouts with intensity – but you actually ARE dead on with your nutrition. You are meeting your caloric goal every single day and on top of that, you are getting within 2-3 grams of your marcronutrient targets.

So what gives right?

Here is the thing. The body does a very good job of resisting change. Its a survival method that we have been designed with. After periods of long time where you have developed poor nutritional and physical habits, the body goes into what is called a set point. A set point is the physical condition at which your body will try and remain if its been there for more than six months.

Have you ever seen those ripped guys who seem to have a hard time getting un-ripped? The reason they can stay ripped year round is because they have maintained those results for more than six months most likely and their body has readjusted its set point. It now wants to remain at that weight, body fat percentage, energy level, metabolic rate, etc . . .

The likely reason you are not seeing results at day 30, and even day 60 in some cases is because your body is fighting the change! It has gone into survival mode and is trying to keep its set point.

But here is what YOU can do. Keep doing what you are doing and eventually your body will be forced to accept the change. It wont have a choice at some point. Yes I know its frustrating, but isnt it worth it? I know you FEEL the results – you are stronger, your energy is up, you just feel better than you used to . . . And that is just the beginning! If you are consistent and continue on the path you are on, YOUR BODY WILL CHANGE. How quickly it changes is usually determined by genetics which kinda sucks because you cant really change that (yet, lol). But you can have control of how you finish – you just gotta be willing to stick it out!


Now Its Your Turn . . .

If this post was an encouragement to you or if you have been struggling and not getting results with P90X, be sure and leave a comment below and let everyone here know that they are not alone! RIPPEDCLUB is a family and we are all in this together and we are all going to succeed together! Click the facebook “like” button if you know what I mean!

Now lets keep BRINGIN IT!


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