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What To Do After P90X - I Finished...NOW WHAT? | RIPPEDCLUB

What To Do After P90X

The question “What to do after P90x?” is a question that you need to ask before finishing P90x. You have heard me say that failing to plan is planning on failure right? (Like this post if you agree!) Well that not only applies to your nutrition, but it also applies to your workouts.


So why is it so important to know what to do after P90X?

The reason you want to have a plan after you complete your first full round of P90X is because many people think that they have arrived once completing P90X. And I am sorry to burst your ripped bubble, but fitness is a journey and not a destination.

People get the results they want and they dont realize what it takes to maintain those results.

I dont recommend this, but if you have ever taken off a week and not done a single workout, you come back weaker. If you want to maintain the muscle mass, the metabolism, and your overall physique that you acquired through all that hard work and putting up with Tony’s jokes – then you need to plan on what to do next!


What are my options? – What To Do After P90X?

The cool thing about Beachbody is that nobody has any excuse to get bored working out! Depending on your goals and your preference for a certain trainer or workout style, you have a crap ton of options as to where you can go with your fitness after P90x!


Insanity / Insanity: The Asylum

Trainer: Shaun T

Goal: Cardiovasular Endurance, Fat Loss

Program Focus: High Intensity Interval Taining

If you prefer a program that has a little more intense cardio with a no joking around type trainer. Then you have Shaun T’s Insanity or if you are really up for the challenge, Insanity: The Asylum. Both of which are based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These programs would be great if you were looking for some serious cardiovascular endurance. A lot of the people who are in RIPPEDCLUB actually use these programs to condition for some of the Tough Mudder and Spartan races that take place during the summer months. No matter what you choose, these two programs will kick you into a serious cardio machine!


P90X+ / P90X2

Trainer: Tony Horton

Goal: P90X Intensified/Sports Performance, Fat Loss

Program Focus: Build for explosive movement, balance, and agility

P90X+ is a great alternative if you dont think you are ready for X2 – But P90X2 is your natural evolution of indoor training for the outdoor world. This program is going to take your fitness abilities and shatter any limits they once held. For me personally, I have never seen such fast results in my entire life. I actually got down to 5.5% body fat using P90X2 and what really amazed me was my vertical leap results. In just 90 days, P90X2 had increased my vertical leap by 8 inches! That is just plain nuts! You will be stronger than ever with the ability to move your body quickly and with power while avoiding injury.



Trainer: Sagi Kalev

Goal: Gain Muscle Mass

Program Focus: Lifting big weight and eating big to make big muscle gains

Body Beast is the first in home workout designed specifically for gaining mass. You will be training under Sagi Kalev who is a 3 time Mr. Israel champion. He is known for being an “all-natural” body builder which we know is important to us and Beachbody. It also comes with a detailed nutrition plan that shows you exactly how you need to eat in order to pack on some serious muscle! I would not recommend doing this program until you have reached 10% body fat or less. You need to focus on getting rid of as much body fat as possible before you can afford to gain some. The reason I suggest being at 10% before starting is because you will gain fat during any bulking cycle and I dont want you getting discouraged when after 90 days of Body Beast, you arent sittin at 6%, because that just wont happen…


I dont care if you are on Day 1 or Day 89 in your P90X journey – You need to plan right now what is up next for your workouts. Are you going to go with something different for a nice change of pace and additional muscle confusion or do you think another round of P90X is in order?

Whatever you decide – The simple act of planning is what will allow you continue your journey without back-tracking.

Be sure you leave a reply and let me know what your plans are and we can see if we can get you plugged in with one of our challenge groups for support. Motivation is key and when you have 4 other people pushin you – You would be surprised at the difference in your results!

I hope this post has answered your questions on What To Do After P90X.

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