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P90X3 Decelerator - Preview The Toughest Moves! | RIPPEDCLUB

P90X3 Decelerator

P90X3 deceleratorThis is one of those workouts when you want to start sippin on your recovery drink about 10 minutes before finishing the workout. P90X3 Decelerator reminds me a lot of P90X2 in many regards, which I will get into so that you know what to expect and how to improve. Overall though, this is one of those workouts that guarantees you will be walking away drenched and unable to move afterward.


What Does P90X3 Decelerator Focus On?

Decelerator is a total body workout. You are are going to see various forms of pull-ups, push-ups, plyometrics, and balance moves. This is probably one of the best total body workouts that I have ever done to be honest.

Whats great about it is that each move is tailored to challenge the elite athlete, while at the same time it can be modified to suit the beginner just being introduced to crane cracker push-ups…oh yes!


Yes I want to try P90X3


So What Do The Moves Look Like?

Here is a full list of the P90X3 Decelerator moves, along with a video of my favorite moves from the workout!

  • Bounding Squats
  • Crane Cracker Push-ups
  • Good God Squats
  • Elevator Pull-ups
  • 2-Pop Hop
  • Crawly Plyo Push-ups
  • Holmsen Screamer Hold
  • Chin Pulls
  • Joel Jump Freeze
  • Starfish Push-ups
  • Duper 2
  • Vaulter Pull-ups
  • Elevator TipToe Squat
  • Superman/Bow
  • Spinning Plyo Squat Lunges
  • Big Brother Burpees



Is P90X3 Decelerator Difficult?

Absolutely! If your workouts are not challenging, then dont expect to see any change. In order for the body to change, it needs to adapt to some form of change. Intensity plays a huge role in your results. In Decelerator (along with all X3 workouts) you are able to follow one of the cast members who are doing a modified version of each move. You can make each move as intense or as modified as your ability allows. I will encourage you to go beyond what you think you are capable of and challenge yourself…you just might be surprised at what you are capable of.


Yes I want to try P90X3


What Equipment Is Required for P90X3 Decelerator?

This workout is pretty simple! All you need is a pull-up bar or bands and if you want them; push-up stands.


P90X3 Decelerator – Final Thoughts

This is a world class workout, period! It has moves that would challenge to most elite of athletes while still being doable for the beginner who needs to modify the move and work their way up to the standard moves. Every muscle group gets hit in this workout! You notice my video did not include any of the leg/squat moves, lol? I hate working out legs, but the moves are solid! When you finish, your arms are toast, your back is toast, your legs are toast, your chest is toast…oh and the fact that you get all this done in 30 minutes still blows me away!

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