21 FAQ’s For P90

With the release of the all new P90 fitness program, there are going to be a ton of questions no doubt about the fitness program, nutrition plan, and other general inquires. So this post is 21 of the most frequently asked questions about P90 (P90 FAQ) that are coming up as the release date gets closer and closer! The official date for when you can order is on Wednesday, September 17th. Be sure to click the banner below to get your name on the email list to be one of the FIRST people to be notified of when its available so that you dont get put on a waiting list when the first run sells out! You also get entered to win a free copy of P90…but you gotta click the banner below!


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21 P90 FAQ’s That You’ll Want To Know Before Ordering

Mind you, these questions are just what have come up so far! If you have any additional questions, dont hesitate to post in the comments below!


Program Details

Program Trainer: Tony Horton

Program Length: 90 Days

DVD/VHS/Blue-Ray: DVD Only

Workout Length: 25-45 Minutes

Spanish Program: No (Subtitles Available)

Closed Captioned: No (Subtitles Available)

Certification Available: No


What is P90?

P90 is the gateway to getting fit regardless of one’s age or fitness level! This program from legendary trainer Tony Horton includes ten all-new workouts that are simple, doable, and less extreme than his others, but still just as effective. Whether a person hasn’t worked out in a decade, or is just looking to maintain what they’ve got, P90 opens the door for customers to see dramatic, visible results in just 90 days


General Questions

Q: How long is each workout?

A: Workouts range from 25-45 minutes.

Q: What is the workout schedule?

A: 1 workout a day, 6 days a week, for 90 days.

Q: What size workout space is needed? 

A: Enough space to step side to side in each direction.

Q: What shoes are recommended for the program? 

A: Cross trainers or tennis shoes are best.

Q: What is the minimum age recommended for the program?

A: If under 18, parent or guardian is responsible for the safety of their child

Q: Is the program available to stream or download online? 

A: No. Today Beachbody programs cannot be streamed or downloaded

Q: Is there an iPhone or Android app?

A: No. There are no current plans to release an app.

Q: Is a measuring tape included with purchase?

A: No. A measuring tape is not included.

Q: What equipment is required?

A: View my P90 Equipment post for details

Q: What comes with each kit?

A: View my P90 Kits post to see whats available to order.

Q: Which kit is included in the Challenge Pack?

A: The Base Kit. There are no plans to include other kits.


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Fitness & Results

Q: What is the recommended wait time between rounds?

A: No break is required.

Q: If a workout is skipped/missed, what happens?

A: Be sure to read my article on what to do when you miss a workout

Q: Are there hybrid workout schedules with other programs?

A: Keep an eye out here on this site for hybrids in the future!

Q: Where can the P90 Workout Sheets be downloaded?

A: Visit TeamBeachbody.com > Get Fit >Workout Sheets


Meal Plan & Nutrition

Q: Is the program & meal plan safe for pregnant/nursing women?

A: Learn More Here

Q: Does the meal plan include Gluten free options?

A: No

Q: Does the meal plan include vegan/vegetarian options?

A: No

Q: Where are additional medical or nutritional concerns answered?

A: Learn More Here


Beachbody Challenge

Q: After completing the Challenge, how can the T-shirt be redeemed online?

A: View HERE for free T-shirt redemption instructions.

Q: Can the P90 Challenge T-shirt be purchased?

A: No. Only those who complete the Challenge can earn it.



Q: Where can apparel be purchased?  

A: TeamBeachbody.com > Shop

Q: Can you buy individual workouts?

A: No. The workouts are not available for individual purchase.

Q: What is the link to view/download the infomercial?

A: You can check it out HERE!

Q: What is the name & link of the official Facebook page?

A: www.facebook.com/P90Workout

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