Day-1 2013 Coach Summit

coach_summit_2013Hey gang! I cant tell you how excited I am to be here at Coach Summit 2013 in Vegas with 7000 other coaches who are dedicated to the mission of helping others live healthy fulfilling lives by ending the trend of obesity!

I am so inspired each and every time I come and it only makes me wish there were more of me so that I could work with every single one of you on a 1-on-1 basis…YOU are the reason I do what I do…YOUR success is my goal and I am making a promise here and now that I am going to increase my own efforts to match yours! You are working hard to meet your goals and I am going to work just as hard to make sure you have what you need to get there!

Becoming a coach was one of greatest things that I ever could have done for my family and I, and for three reasons:

#1 its built in accountability…I cant NOT do what I am telling you to do right? That would be hypocritical! This might surprise you, but YOU are the ones who motivate me! I cant let you down because I want to be the best example possible. I am still human though and I have my moments as you might remember from a few short months ago…but I back and fully committed to the workouts, drinking my shakeology daily, and making sure my nutrition is spot on…even while we are here in Vegas, lol

#2 I get to be a part of something bigger. I get to INSPIRE! How amazing is that??! I cannot think of a more fulfilling job than getting to help people change their life. I get emails all the time from people telling me how I simplified nutrition for them and they are now finally starting to see results. I have people that have lost almost 100lbs on our team. Their life has changed and in a small way, I get to be a part of that. Its such a blessing…

#3 I dont like to talk about this too much because its not what its about, but the beachbody coaching opportunity has literally paid off. My wife was able to quit her job and stay home with our 3 year old daughter full time. Our 5 year old boy is enrolled at a private Christian school because we want him to have the BEST education possible along with a solid spiritual foundation. And its because of Beachbody coaching that this is possible. Again…its such a blessing.


Whats NEXT & NEW???

There is always something new and exciting that is revealed at each Summit and this year was no disappointment! So I wanted to give a quick blurb about all the cool stuff thats coming up!!

Focus T25 – New Shaun T Workout


I was actually able to snag the very LAST T25 program available here at summit…WIN!!

I know people have a ton of questions about it, but Shaun T did an awesome job explaining the program in depth here at summit. One of our awesome RIPPEDCLUB coaches (Wyllie Lum) took video of the whole thing! check it out!


 I know a lot of people want to know price details and release date!

Focus T25 releases on Monday, June 24th!

What I am really excited about though is the price! The program itself (not including the Gamma Phase) will be $120 (I got mine for $89 as a coach).

But for the Challenge Pack…wait for it! Through the month of July it will only cost $180 instead of $205!

So basically you are getting Focus T25 for $50 which is a screamin deal!

So if you are like me and you want this program like yesterday, be sure to log in to your account and get this…You might just be in our first T25 Challenge


Vanilla Shakeology!

Vanilla ShakeologyThis has been a long awaited day! I have personally tried this myself tonight and can vouch that it tastes AMAZEBALLS! What I am excited about is how versitile this flavor is…you can add fruit, nut butters, cocoa, orange juice…pretty much anything works awesome with vanilla.

Now the reason this wasnt out sooner is because there was never a way to source the vanilla and create the flavor with heavy chemical assistance. But in Beachbody fashion with a “no compromises” guarantee, it has finally arrived from the local farms of Madagascar!


 If you have never tried Shakeology before and would like to try the new Vanilla Shakeology, I will be order a few boxes of single serve packets to send out as samples! I do require that I am your free coach first, so just click JOIN RIPPEDCLUB at the top of this page and make that happen, then shoot me an email at and let me know you would like to try it and I would be happen to send one out to you!

If you HAVE tried Shakeology before or you are currently on a Shakeology Autoship program, you can call team beachbody customer service to update your order at 1-800-470-7870.

If you are like me though and you already know how amazing Shakeology and you just want to order your Vanilla Shakeology NOW, Click Here!


Stay tuned! I will be updating you all tomorrow and Saturday as well! There is MUCH more to come, more lives to be changed and more amazing tools to help YOU find what works to get you where you want to be!

God bless you guys!

Coach Todd


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