Summit Bound

Oh yes – its time! The Beachbody Coach Summit is finally upon us and I for one cannot wait for all the fun stuff to begin! I leave tomorrow for Vegas with my beautiful wife accompanying me for the trip. Now some of you might be wondering what the heck this Coach Summit thing is, so let me share a little about whats goin down.


What is Beachbody Coach Summit?

Beachbody Coach Summit is where over 5000 Team Beachbody Coaches will be gathering to learn how to better inspire, motivate, encourage, and lead others in a mission to “End The Trend of Obesity”. There are workshops on how to reach more people to help them change their lives. There is group workouts with trainers like Tony Horton, Shaun-T, and Chalene Johnson. There is a MASSIVE group workout that is going to shut down the entire Vegas strip this year. There are crazy fun events, parties, coach recognitions, and just an all around opportunity to connect with people who are passionate about helping others succeed in the health and fitness journey.



What Will I Be Doing?

I will be attending a lot of workshops to better learn how to serve you guys, RIPPEDCLUB! I want to be the coach that provides the best support in the nation with a team that gets the best results in the nation! I am 100% sure that we can achieve both of these as a team!

I will also be hanging out with some of the top coaches in the nation, like Wayne Wyatt, Josh Spencer, Tommy Migrant, and a ton more! This will be a great opportunity for me to learn and soak in all of their methods for success!

On top of all the workshops, I will have some time to do some really fun stuff, like working out with Tony Horton and Shaun-T and personally meeting the two of them! These guys have had a great deal of influence on my success and its going to be quite the opportunity to thank them in person.

I will be getting autographed T-Shirts from the both of them that I will be giving away as prizes at some point with some sort of friendly competition amongst the RIPPEDCLUB ranks! Keep an eye and ear out for that!

Parties! I dont drink, but I do dance. I am probably the whitest dude on the floor and my dancing skills prove it! BUT, I have been invited to some pretty exclusive parties because of my success as a coach, so I am going to take full advantage of the floor and the time with my wife!

Oh ya!!! And my wife and I will be staying at the MGM Grand which I hear is pretty cool! Any of you been there?


Why Should My Coaches Come To Summit?

This is where it all becomes real for us as coaches. You get to meet the trainers, the other successful coaches. You get to see first-hand that this mission that we are on as coaches to “end the trend of obesity” is much bigger than just your home town. You can have a HUGE impact on the nation! I have a few coaches that will be joining me in Vegas this year, but I hope to see many more in 2013!

I have heard from almost all of the top coaches within Beachbody that it was their trip to summit that changed everything for them. All of a sudden they had a new passion and commitment to reaching out to people and MAKING things happen rather than sitting back and waiting for it all to make sense. Coaching is about inspiring people and unless you yourself are inspired, how can you expect to inspire others? Plain and simple, Summit is a must for all my coaches who want to make difference in peoples lives!


You Get To Come With Me!

From take off to landing, I will be recording all the events and fun times to share with you all! So if you couldnt make it this year, you will atleast get a sneak peak from your coach here!

I cant wait to come back and share all the cool stuff I learned as well as share my new level of motivation that I know will only serve my RIPPEDCLUB crew better! Be sure you keep up to date on my twitter feed as I will be posting updates pretty frequently! Follow me on Twitter @_RIPPEDCLUB. Also, if anyone can control the weather, could you turn down the heat in Vegas from 110 degrees to about 85-90??? I would appreciate it!

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