New Shakeology Sucks! – Addressing The New Shakeology Formula Taste


New Shakeology Sucks! – Addressing The New Shakeology Formula Taste

This has been the common consensus on the new Shakeology formula taste. I understand your frustrations and concerns about this issue and I wanted to give you guys an insider look at what is going on at Beachbody headquarters to deal with these issues.

Below are some quotes from the Coach Advisory Board members, Carl Daikeler himself, and other various members of Beachbody corporate an the new Shakeology formula taste.


Addressing The New Shakeology Formula Taste – Wayne Wyatt’s discussion with Carl Daikeler

I just had a 45 minute call with Carl Daikeler himself about Shakeology, the changes in the formulation, the feedback about flavor, and the frustration within the coach network about how to address it.

With the continuing evidence about fructose and the links to diabetes and other health problems, the call for it’s removal from chocolate shakeology was getting louder and louder. If this is the “healthiest meal of the day“, Carl wanted us to be able to stand behind it with no reservations or doubts, and that meant that the fructose had to be removed. But since it’s a delicate balance of ingredients, all of which affect the overall taste, a total reformulation was required. It wasn’t taken lightly. Carl knew it would be a big change. But it needed to happen for us to be the industry leaders and to continue to say our ingredients beat the crud out of anyone else.

There was also questions about the levels / amounts of vitamins, and whether t

hey were really in a bio-absorbable format. So that has been corrected in the new formulation. It also has contributed to a stronger / bitter taste due to the vitamins. And of course using Stevia has affected aftertaste. But we CAN’T go back to original. Many of us thought “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but in actuality it needed to change. Either now, while we are still ahead of the curve … or later, when it looks more like an excuse than an explanation. I was upset with the change myself, but I now understand the REAL reasons and necessity for it. Side note = this wasn’t an economic decision. Carl is losing money on this new formulation. It is more expensive. But he believes in it and knows that in the long run, having no regrets about the ingredient quality will pay off, and that moving more quantity will generate profitability as they get the flavor fixed. THE GOOD NEWS = Corporate is working URGENTLY on the flavor. They are putting together taste testing panels of coaches and customers, and WILL get the flavor better …. much better. Be patient. They are working as hard as possible on it, AS WE SPEAK. They can’t go back to the old, but they are determined to make the new formulation taste GREAT. I am confident in the integrity of our leadership. Carl won’t skimp on quality. He never has. He never will. And that gives me great confidence as a coach to stand up and proudly recommend Shakeology to others. It’s unlike anything else. Sure, other stuff may taste more like a milkshake, but that isn’t going to make you healthy. And this tastes pretty darn good too. I think the future is still bright …. VERY BRIGHT.

Frustrations come and go. Remember that first week of P90X or Insanity. It’s not a fun place to be. But those who push on are the ones rewarded.

There is going to be a lot more coming out from corporate next week addressing these issues, but I wanted to get the info to you first!

Keep bringing it team!!!!


Addressing The New Shakeology Formula Taste – Steve Edwards responds to complaints

… we have four food scientists working on this full time right now. We’ve got a lot of projects on this list in front of me that would make a lot of money but we want Shakeology to be perfect before we move on.

The original formulation took us years to complete to our satisfaction. We thought this one was ready and many/most of us still do but we want that to be all of you, so it’s our number 1 priority at the moment. As someone suggested in one of these posts, it’s not easy to get 70-some-odd healthy foods to blend together, especially when we use so many raw or highly bioactive substances. They react together in ways that are unexpected, and then there is taste.

The reason Shakeology took so long was that it’s very challenging to get all these things to taste good. Try some of the competition to see what I mean. It’s not like fast food where artificial flavors are used and you could make the box P90X came in tasted like a chocolate shake. We have to work with what nature gives us.

Now, based on your feedback as well as the latest research, we’ve reformulated to make Shakeology even healthier. It’s got less sugar, more super foods, photo and micronutrients, and more fiber. That it doesn’t taste exactly the same is to be expected. Sorry to spring it on you like this but you, as a collective, asked for it and we listened. And I, like Denis [adstaffdenis], much prefer it — though I liked the old formulation fine too. The bottom line is, as ALWAYS, we are listening and doing our best to answer your questions and comments.”

When asked if there would be a “Classic” flavor, Steve Edwards replied:

That is on the table, however, Carl [Beachbody CEO] is pushing for us to keep getting healthier–and the new one is healthier, not just the ingredients but the sourcing is more natural so it’s likely we’re going to tweak the new formulations until everyone is happy–but more than one version is absolutely a possibility.

Keep in mind we’ve had changes in the original version a couple of times already. As I said, it’s tricky. Just changing an ingredient supplier to, say, organic, can alter the taste a bit. This has happened each time and then calmed down. We’ve got a couple of versions ready to taste this Monday, so we’re working on it full steam.

The Takeaway for The New Shakeology Formula Taste…

Beachbody cares first and foremost about your health. The fact that your health is their #1 priority gives me great pride in representing them and the efficacy of the new shakeology Formula. If the taste does bother you – in the mean time, experiment with healthy ways to alter the flavor. There are many shakeology recipes out there to be tried and I am confident that you will find a favorite. But until Beachbody finds that delicate balance between “the healthiest meal of the day” and the perfect taste that everyone is satisfied with…You will just have to remain positive about drinking such an amazingly healthy product with a taste that no other manufacturer could touch without adding a bunch of artificial junk!

As always, Beachbody stands behind its products and if you just ordered Shakeology and are not completely satisfied, you can return the empty bag within 30 days for a 100% refund.

When you think about it in the grand scheme of health and longevity…nothing compares to Shakeology. I am proud to recommend it still and I am proud of the people working to bring us such an amazing product.

The New Shakeology Formula Taste…still good…under construction.

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