DONT Buy Shakeology!

There are so many members of RIPPEDCLUB who love their Shakeology and continue to drink it daily and see amazing results. Its one of the most exciting things to be a part of; to find something that has worked for you and then see others have success doing the same.

But there’s a problem! 

A lot of these people bought a bag of Shakeology when they could have gotten MORE for less money…

Watch the video below to find out why you should NOT buy Shakeology!



Get MORE Than Just Shakeology For LESS Money!

One of the things that makon demand challenge packes On Demand workouts so valuable for a guy like myself is that I travel a lot for work. When you travel for work, every inch of space counts in your carry-on, lol. You dont want to pack around your dvd’s for your workout and have them get damaged. With On Demand, i just log into my account and click the On Demand section and stream any friggin workout I want! Anywhere that I have wifi or a decent 4G connection…I can stream my workouts flawlessly.

A lot of times I use my Galaxy S6 work phone to stream my workouts in the hotel gym too! I get some funny looks when I am doing some Donkey Kicks from X3, but what do they know on their treadmills, right?!

I hope this post on why you should NOT buy Shakeology helped you out. If it did, be sure to like & share, cuz it helps get this info into the hands of others who are lookin to get more bang for their buck…literally! 

Blessings – Coach Todd

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